The battle against the epidemic is imminent

2022-06-15 0 By

“I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, uphold the Party’s program, abide by the Party’s constitution, fulfill the obligations of a party member, implement the Party’s decisions…”March 25, Hekou District road business development center party members vanguard in the garrison line to carry out a unique theme of the Party day activities.(Reporter Li Ping) During the epidemic prevention and control, Dongying public security police stationed at the expressway blocks, the forefront of control, for the city to build a front-line barrier of epidemic prevention and control.(Reporter Chen Minghui) recently, The people of Huangxi Village, Lique Town, Guanggrao County, conducted nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner under the organization of the first secretary of dongying Daily and the village “two committees”. The whole process was orderly, scientific and standardized, and the masses actively cooperated.Up to now, Huangxi village has completed three rounds of nucleic acid tests.(Meng Xiaofeng) In lijin County volunteer service center, volunteers busy early in the morning, white dough, fragrant stuffing, rolling skin, stuffing, kneading, in the hands of the volunteers into a round delicate dumplings.Dumplings plop plop pot to cook, a box of hot love dumplings to adhere to the traffic, the mouth, enterprises, communities and other frontline epidemic prevention personnel hands.(Reporter Wei Yuzhu)