4.4 Swiss Super league + EPl: Zigatons in a tough fight gunners shoot eagles away?

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Yesterday’s article recommended red single rice, congratulations to the store to keep up with the brothers, continue to red!Monday 001 r super djurgardens VS fu shi djurgardens generation grid in the second half of last season off the chain, and the top to malmo, in third place in the league, but keep the champions league qualification is mercifully, with the new season approaching, djurgardens a recent warm-up game performance decline, current events in the two defeats,Cast a pall over the season opener.Generation f what is last season’s championship, the team is very limited, ultimately to the advantage of the relegation zone 2 points higher avoid relegation, was completed the final exam, and the team in a recent warm-up match to a 5-0 victory over orebro, on the players morale than djurgardens undoubtedly dominant, it away to war, generation of f what trouble for djurgardens ability.Analysis:Two team strength gap is bigger, to 1.5 djurgardens concessions, considering the home team had just lost, the host team data has to to high, combining these sides, djurgardens and are good at face di firth, each other a shock defeat away last season, even if he is only a narrow 3-2 victory back home, now 1.5 concessions, people don’t believe in djurgardens to win.Win, score suggestion:Crystal Palace are currently 12th in the table, safe from relegation and out of the top six after a four-goal victory over Everton in the FA Cup.The team is clearly not ready to lie down.Arsenal last round with a 1-0 win over aston villa, the team in a timely manner to dispel defeat at Liverpool, Arsenal’s recent performance is, in fact, it is not hard to see arteta led Arsenal to walk on the right track, but before a too strong rivals Liverpool, loss is also reasonable, as long as Arsenal keep this state, there is hope for four success this season.Analysis:Crystal palace recently good, make for Arsenal – 0.5 concessions, concession is lower than usual, you know after meeting, both sides is a draw, so the surface concessions also reasonable, but personally think that Arsenal have the opportunity to play, instead, after all, this kind of situation, the crystal palace effectively disperse the heat, let a person dare not easily to teams, in this case,Let’s go for Arsenal.Negative, suggested score: 1-2 1-3