Xu inspected the work of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices, production safety and epidemic prevention and control, and visited the frontline staff

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On January 28, Provincial Governor Xu Kunlin visited power companies, supermarkets, the 110 command center of the Public Security Bureau and the railway station to inspect the work of ensuring supply stability, production safety and epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival. He also visited the frontline staff and extended his best wishes to them.Xu Kunlin first went to the dispatching control center of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company to understand in detail the electricity supply and demand, electricity load, unit operation and other conditions of the whole province, and inquired about the electricity guarantee measures during the Spring Festival.He said to ensure the safety of electric power stable and adequate supply, on the overall global economic development and social stability, is the relationship between the people’s livelihood, to stick to secure them buy the livelihood of the people of a key, precision fine management, scheduling, improved as a whole, coordinate linkage, orderly power optimization scheme, complete each contingency plans, firmly hold on to the people’s livelihood, development and safety of the bottom line.He repeatedly told, the more festive period, the greater the responsibility of the work, the higher the requirements, I hope we carry forward the spirit of hardship, dedication, make persistent efforts, continue to work hard, with quality service to ensure good production and life during the festival, so that the people have a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Nanjing Suguo Supermarket Cool store, serving the surrounding 170,000 residents.Are there enough supplies?Are there all the varieties?Are prices stable?Xu Kunlin came to the oil, rice, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other regional stalls, and the supermarket, customers cordial communication., he says, we need to put price guarantee for steady work as top priority, multi-channel to ensure market supply, strengthen the supervision of food safety and ensure supply adequate, affordable, health and safety during the Spring Festival, meet the holiday consumption demand, and to adhere to the “people, objects, environment” with prevention, implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures.110 command center to implement the 24-hour duty system, day and night to accept the masses of the alarm for help and complaints.In the big data command center of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Xu Kunlin checked the recent police situation and social security situation through the big screen.’You have given up the chance to reunite with your families, stayed at your posts and safeguarded security,’ he said. ‘With your hard work, blood and sweat, you have safeguarded the well-being of the people and wished you a happy New Year.’I hope that you will be aware of the heavy burdens and responsibilities, carry out research and judgment on key points and links in advance, and provide timely guidance to ensure the smooth flow of Spring Festival transport.Make good use of big data and other scientific and technological means, give full play to the advantages of rapid response mechanism, and protect the safety of one party;We will work with health, industry and information technology departments to carry out regular epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and precise manner, and strive to achieve the best response at the lowest cost.Passengers in and out of Nanjing Railway Station are orderly.Xu Kunlin went to the waiting hall, Lei Feng service station and other places to check the Spring Festival travel guarantee and epidemic prevention and control work.He said that the Spring Festival is a traditional Festival of the Chinese nation, and going home for a reunion is a big event.In the face of intensive movement of people and the overlapping tasks of epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to ensure safe and orderly passenger transport and be prepared for emergencies, strengthen analysis and scheduling, optimize service methods, and make preparations for extreme weather and peak passenger flows.Xi called for constant attention to epidemic prevention and control, taking more channels and optimizing procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and targeted manner, and providing a fast and safe travel environment for tourists.Xia Xinmin, acting mayor of Nanjing, attended the inspection.Source: Interchange editor: Sun Yan Review: Xu Xiaodong