This is the third Spring Festival they spent at yinchuan epidemic prevention checkpoint!

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“All vehicles and persons with silver coming from other parts of the country must be inspected;Have ‘my Ningxia’ APP, let open ‘place registration code’ one key scan input information, no problem on the passage, reduce the waiting time of the masses……”On January 31, 2022, New Year’s Eve, epidemic prevention checkpoint of Yinchuan East Toll Station of Qingqing-Yinchuan Expressway. At 7:30 a.m., Liu Quanmin, head of epidemic prevention checkpoint and commander of the second patrol brigade of Xingqing District Branch of Yinchuan Public Security Bureau, was wearing protective equipment and preparing for duty. He told the auxiliary police who had just taken over to pay attention to the details of work.At the beginning of 2020, a sudden “containment war” of epidemic prevention and control began.And the city’s public security civilian auxiliary police, Liu Quanmin led the scouts, the first time to receive life, stationed in the Green silver high-speed Yinchuan tollgate epidemic prevention bayonet, this guard is a whole 2 years.He clearly remembers that his first day on the job was January 26, the second day of the year of the Rat.By careful calculation, this is the third Spring Festival he and his comrades spent on the epidemic prevention bayonet.”Everyone line up, keep one meter apart, wear masks, open the travel code in advance, and prepare a negative nucleic acid certificate for 48 hours…….”At 8 a.m., the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, the number of vehicles returning to Yinchuan gradually increased through the east Toll station.Masks, protective suits, rubber gloves……In order not to cause congestion, heavily armed Liu And the scouts did not have breakfast, immediately into the state of work.Guide the silver vehicles into the inspection area, eliminate, register, report to the community, release, all in one go.But in Liu’s view, such smooth won’t come easily., qingdao-yinchuan highway is yinchuan east toll road into silver “east gate”, lu near love road, landscape, street, is the one, return to politics and silver ancient yinchuan, such as more than 20 logistics hub, from ningxia medical university general hospital, the armed police corps hospital in ningxia medical resources in the area are very close, is zone, foreign silver, the transportation, the doctor of choice for the navigation channel,At ordinary times, more than 4,000 vehicles and more than 5,000 people were opened to traffic.Since the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush, the number of trips has increased to more than 8,000 and 20,000.”During the Spring Festival travel rush and Spring Festival, we increased police input, with 18 police officers working in three shifts and two shifts.Every day, a person has to register more than 100 pages of information and write five or six carbon fillers.Liu Quanmin said, a 12-hour stand down, police have no time to eat, drink water, toilet is normal, but 2 years, no one shouted tired.As we all know, epidemic prevention and control is to serve the people, every oversight will affect the health and safety of the people in the jurisdiction.Therefore, everyone should not only stick to it day and night, but also do “meticulous, delicate, extreme”.As Liu Quanmin often says, “The work style of ‘being strict, thorough, practical, frugal, frugal and quick’ should be applied to everyone and every link, so that epidemic prevention and control will have both strength and warmth.”Bayonet in Liu Quanmin view, 2 years, epidemic prevention work, the biggest changes is that more and more standardized and institutionalized and modularization, epidemic prevention and control command deployment requirements, according to the area, city policy more rigorous and flexible, in “I does the practical work for the masses” theme practice activity, solution to the problem of the masses “distress sorrow are” more too.Liu Quanmin picked up a thick notebook with half a pile of yellow skin from the inspection station, turning over and saying:”Over the past two years, we have collected the phone numbers of contacts in all communities and communities in Yinchuan, such as Xingqing, Jinfeng and Xixia. As long as there are people from other places who come to yinchuan, we will call the person in charge of the communities and communities to report the situation and try our best to improve the closed prevention and control loop.”At the same time, in view of the characteristics of the large number of people who came to the epidemic prevention checkpoint for medical treatment, Liu Quanmin and his comrades insisted on putting people first and life first. On the basis of summing up experience and repeated arguments, they opened a fast quarantine channel for medical treatment and guided inspection and rapid release at the first time. Liu Quanmin had a catchphrase:”The work of epidemic prevention should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, dare to take responsibility and act well!”At 15pm one day at the end of October this year, Liu Quanquan, who was carrying out inspection work, was pulled for help by a man in his 20s.It turned out that the man, surnamed Wang, came to Yinchuan from Zhongning County in the morning with his mother, sister and father over 60 years old to see a doctor in ningxia Medical University General Hospital. On the way, his father had symptoms of heart discomfort, and the family of four did not take nucleic acid test. When queuing to pass, the whole family was in a hurry.After understanding the situation, Liu Quanjun will introduce its vehicle decisively fast quarantine channel.On the one hand, he contacted the doctor in charge of the hospital to understand the specific situation of the patient, and told the doctor that when the patient arrived at the hospital, he should first do nucleic acid tests for the patient and his son, and report the detection situation to the checkpoint in time.On the other hand, in order to minimize the hidden danger, Liu Quanjun settled Wang alone to drive his father to medical treatment, and by the police driving police car lead the way, fast escort.At the same time, the medical staff at the gate of epidemic prevention conducted nucleic acid tests on the spot for their mother and sister.In this way, it usually takes more than half an hour’s journey, less than 10 minutes to arrive at the hospital, for the patient to get timely treatment to win time.Waiting for the nucleic acid test results, Wang’s mother and sister through the phone that her husband has been hospitalized, and out of danger, tears in the eyes of the mother and daughter took Liu Quanmin’s hand could not say words, had to frequently give Liu Quanmin and the surrounding police praise!And in Liu Quanmin’s view, escort amniotic fluid broke pregnant women to quickly seek medical treatment, waiting for the truck driver in the bayonet to send a cup of hot water, a box of instant noodles, then finger machine stabbed the masses need to see a doctor for the first time detection, quickly sent to the hospital……Were all part of the epidemic control effort, nothing special to him or his scouts.As this 50-year-old “veteran public security officer” with nearly 30 years of party experience said, “Epidemic prevention and control is to serve the people. If you put yourself in the people’s position, the people will naturally support you. With their support, the ‘virus’ will not be so terrible!”By Hu Dongmei, Ningxia Bureau of China Daily