This group of comrades gathered in the cloud to plant trees

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This article is transferred from: China Industrial Network source: China Industrial network News (reporter Zhang Chong, correspondent Ning Yafei) dense osmanthus trees, thick friendship.March 12 is Arbor Day, in the morning, people’s hospital of wuhan university (hubei province people’s hospital) east campus staff video attachment in sichuan, guizhou and other places the aid of hubei medical workers, through the resistance to disease in hospital gratitude Lin way of planting trees “cloud”, thanks to the 21 of wuhan resistance to disease of the medical team to support all over the country.Pruning tree trunks, soil compaction, irrigation…Representatives of the medical staff of the east Hospital caress 21 osmanthus trees.Ye Man, head nurse of gastrointestinal surgery, told the comrades of sichuan medical team and Guizhou medical team in a video link, “Osmanthus trees grow very luxuriant, you are welcome to come back home often.”Wechat group “five ward medical group” fried pot, former aid Hubei medical team comrades have online onlookers, “when the saplings, did not expect to have grown so big…”During the wuhan epidemic in 2020, 2,801 medical staff from 21 medical teams from 14 provinces and cities across China, led by Academician Li Lanjuan, gathered in the East Hospital of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University for support.Together with the medical staff of the East Hospital, they set up a “super hospital” during the epidemic period, and treated 1,624 severe and critically ill COVID-19 patients.On March 23, the 21 medical teams, together with the medical staff of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, planted a “gratitude forest” in the East Hospital.”‘ Osmanthus’ means’ noble person ‘, and the People’s Hospital would like to express its gratitude to the white soldiers who are backstepping for their support to wuhan’s anti-epidemic cause.Now, this “gratitude forest” has become an important cultural and educational base of the People’s Hospital.”With new together” and “shu you” best “liao table feelings” “chongqing chongqing yong” “zhejiang windshield rain” considerate “hu you” “here zhuang” “Qin Lao courage” in the “Ann” with yu “help”…………………Every osmanthus tree in the Forest has a label dedicated to 21 medical teams helping Hubei.Two years later, staff at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University gave them a new label: “Friendship will never fade and friendship will last forever.””Although I cannot go back to Wuhan to see cherry blossoms this year, it is very meaningful to promote the anti-epidemic spirit in this special way.”Professor Chen Yang, director of the emergency Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was excited to see familiar places and work in the COVID-19 ward of the East Hospital.Professor Chen Yang hopes to maintain continuous cooperation with his comrade-in-arms, strengthen academic exchanges, and invite his comrade-in-arms from Wuhan to visit Guizhou.Xu Yu, deputy head nurse of ICU of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, went back to Han for the “cherry blossom date” last year and watered the thankful forest together with his comrades from The People’s Hospital of Wuhan University.Today, through video call again, I saw the vibrant Wuhan and felt the strong comrade-in-arms feeling.”Planting hope together to welcome spring!I wish the anti-epidemic friendship will last forever and the motherland will get better and better!”Editor in charge: Lu Yun