The new hualong-Ledu passenger line will make it more convenient for people to go out

2022-06-14 0 By

On February 25, the reporter learned from the Hualong County Transportation Bureau that from today, the official opening of hualong County (Bayan Town, Qunke New Area) to Ledu district passenger trains, making the two residents travel more convenient.With the rapid development of economic construction in Ledu District of Haidong city in recent years, the demand for tourists from Hualong to Ledu is increasing.In order to meet the travel needs of the masses, enhance the political, economic and cultural exchanges between Hualong and Ledu, facilitate the personnel exchanges between the two places, actively adapt to the development of road transport market, promote the economic development of the two places to ensure the orderly development of passenger transport market.In HuaLong attaches great importance to the county, the county government, supporting the transport authorities will “I does the practical work for the masses” as the fundamental task, to advance traffic service of the people’s livelihood projects, people think about in terms of transportation, heart troubles, and the short board, positive constraining bottleneck, crack is HuaLong ZhiLe all the travel demand, and so on and so forth after field survey for many times, after many efforts,And after the approval of the superior industry authorities, finally filled the gap between Hualong County and Ledu District since the history of no direct passenger line, this not only expanded the hualong county passenger line radiation surface, but also greatly convenient for the travel needs of the masses of both places.It is understood that this line takes full account of the actual situation of people traveling in Hualong County, and sets up two passenger lines every day: “Bayan Town to Ledu District” and “Qunke New District to Ledu District”. The details are as follows: Departure time: Bayan — Ledu 9:00 return time: 15:30 Qunke New District — Ledu 9:00 return time: 16:30Baiyan Passenger Station 0972-8714897 Qunke New District Passenger Station 0972-7712096 source: Video Qinghai