The China Voluntary Courage Foundation has launched an online ceremony to commemorate the heroes of The Tomb-Sweeping Day in 2022

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Another year qingming, spring breeze sunset send sorrow.The deeds and spirit of the heroes are the common historical memory and precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, and a source of strength that inspires the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China to make unremitting efforts.We should tell good stories about voluntary bravery, promote the spirit of voluntary bravery, and fully practice core socialist values.During the Qingming Festival period from April 1 to 10, the China Foundation for Good Faith will launch a “strong and Strong memorial activity — 2022 Online Memorial to Heroes committed to Committing Crimes” on The Website of and the official wechat account of changanjian of the Political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee.The Chinese nation has always respected the traditional virtues of “upholding integrity and promoting goodness, helping those in danger and helping those in need, and doing just good deeds”. Over the past 30 years, more than 1,300 exemplary heroes and models have been jointly honored by the Central Political and Legal Commission, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments, among whom more than 210 have made heroic sacrifices.In the face of illegal and criminal behavior and sudden disasters and accidents, in order to protect the interests of the state, the collective and the people life and property security, in the serious, with card, Wang Hongxu, Li Xuesheng, YanXueMei, such as guo director’s heroic heroes, take the bull by the horns, stand up, heroic, laid down his precious life.The deeds and spirit of the heroes have always been in our hearts.The ching Ming, please everyone to actively participate in, to salute heroes who dedicate a precious life, ready to work together to carry forward the heroic deeds of the hero and spirit, build advocate’s heroic heroes, honor heroes heroes, the study’s heroic hero, actively participate in the warm thick and social atmosphere, to build a higher level of peace, the rule of law, China.Festivals homepage: online startup time: end at 3:00 on April 1, 2022 PC: mobile terminal: (recognition of qr code) the good Samaritan foundation in April 2022