Recall Beijing ice time, “snow days to see you” the fifth tender online

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With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games coming to an end, more and more people are willing to learn and try ice and snow sports under the call of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, and the atmosphere of participating in ice and snow sports is becoming stronger and stronger.This issue of “snow days to see you” ushered in the actor Tan Jianji, Zhang Xueying, they will and Xie Nan, Yang Di, Yang Yunqing, Zhu Zhengting composition of the “snow family” together to recall the old Beijing ice time, enjoy the fun on ice.Arranged to relay full of fun Ice ice cuju action intense Beijing culture has 700 years of history, time to reminisce about old Beijing ice, show invited has over 20 years experience in collection of sports collections Guo Lei, he is dedicated to the research of development of ice and snow, to the “snow family” a lot of popular science knowledge about ice and snow sports in Beijing.In the past, ice and snow sports were not only for physical fitness, but also for patriotic self-improvement.The reason why the Winter Olympic Games are held in Beijing is also because Beijing has a long history of ice sports, which provides profound cultural support for the Winter Olympic Games.In order to experience the fun of Beijing ice sports, “Snow Family” challenge fun game “Spring Festival goods relay”.The “charioteer” had to pick up five other family members on a designated route, balancing on a small car measuring less than one square meter to reach the finish line.The game is not simple, “girl sitting posture” “pyramid” and other methods have not helped guests to win, the game was unable to advance.But they did not lose heart, constantly adjust the strategy to try, although the final timeout, but this positive and enterprising spirit is successful.Old Beijing is rich in ice sports, ice Cuju is a very famous one.In order to deeply experience the fun, “Piaoxue family” is divided into two teams for 3V3 competition.At the beginning of the two sides fell into a crazy collision, Zhu Zhengting led the continuous impact of the opponent, so that the opponent has no strength to fight back;Tan Jianji was treated as a “ball” to fall to the ground;Zhang Xueying even scored an own goal to add a point…There was laughter and curiosity as to which team would win.Beijing has a long history of ice and snow sports inseparable from the participation of the masses, especially the participation of The Beijing uncle is particularly prominent.The program invited the Beijing Shichahai speed skating club of Beijing.Their average age is over 60, but they are as energetic as young people.In the program, grandpa and “snow family” ice dragon boat tug-of-war competition.They used perfect performance to interpret the meaning of “old and healthy”, even if the game to the snow team quietly “put water”, but still win three games in a row.In the play-off, the two sides exchanged three players. Under such conditions, can the Snow family win?Beijing means something different to everyone. It offers many opportunities and remains in many people’s memories.During the night talk around the stove, Tan Jianji recalled his experience of turning the tide against the wind: Beijing witnessed his leap from the last to the first, and witnessed his efforts.The river of time flows, but love is worth years.”Piaoxue family” received a video message across time and space.Jin Ming, 69, addressed his 21-year-old self.At that time, he gave up the opportunity to join the troupe to support his family and has been regretting bitterly.Now, Kim, 69, has made it clear that whatever path she chooses, happiness is the most important thing.Jing Lin, 60, encouraged his 14-year-old self to stick to skating, and now he has not only built up his body but also met many skating friends.This video across time and space makes everyone tears, inspired by the big ye, “the snow family” have regrets about life, but also fantasy if through the future will once what he said.Everyone has a different idea. What do they say?Watch the show to find out.”Snowy Days to see You” is broadcast exclusively on Youku every Saturday at 20:20, and co-broadcast on Beijing SATELLITE TV on Saturday prime time, let’s recall the ice time in Beijing.