It was the first gun used by the Chinese police. Do you recognize it?Right hand of the police, capable of firing multiple rounds

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As any TVB viewer knows, police and gangster movies are TVB’s favorite subject matter.Not only that, but many Hong Kong films also like to shoot similar themes.Such as Infernal Affairs, Cold War, a Better Tomorrow and so on, there are a lot of fierce gun battles in the movies, which deeply attract the attention of the audience.So, what do you know about the guns that our police use?Today we are going to introduce a gun called “The first gun used by the Chinese police”.This gun, the 9mm revolver.To be called the first police gun, there must be something special about it that no other gun can do.But in pictures, the police gun looks too small, unlike the heavy-handed handguns seen in the film.In fact, the guns in the movie are props, and they are designed to be ambitious in order to fit the camera and the character image.In fact, when police are out on duty, they are required to carry guns in case of accidents or to maintain public order.Portability and concealment are two important factors that deeply affect the appearance of police handguns.As a result, the 9mm police revolver has a 7.62cm barrel and a 19.7cm pistol, which fits comfortably in a coat pocket.Besides being small and light, the main feature of this pistol is its low failure rate.It doesn’t stop immediately, whether it’s hit or worn out.For those who often risk their lives, a beating-resistant weapon is their best help.In addition to being mobile and reliable, the gun can be loaded with rubber bullets.The unique rubber bullet does not cause instant death like a hard bullet.At a distance, it can cause only moderate damage, and even a gunshot is very mild.Rubber bullets, used to deter criminals or surprise criminals, are the best way to reduce casualties.As a result, the gun is typically loaded with two types of bullets.And rubber bullets, for special occasions.As for why the design of the rotary pistol is made, in fact, it is also because the safety factor of the rotary pistol is relatively high, and there is rarely the possibility of misfiring.Once an accidental incident occurs, the work of the police will be affected.Therefore, this 9mm police revolver is specially equipped with a reliable safety device.The 9mm revolver went into service in 2006, and it didn’t take long for officers to start raving about it.It is because of its small recoil force and excellent speed of accuracy and other characteristics, so that it has become a veritable “China’s first police gun”.