Don’t do this while you’re on your way home!

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Is this what you look like on your second day?Post-holiday syndrome in spring fever has led some drivers groggy when thinking about “hold on for a while to” but accidents often happen in the “moment” in the driver fatigue driving heavy semi-trailer huizhou fire police received a report to the police, said S244 line intersection near new a car heavy semi-trailer happened a fire, the fire is bigger.After receiving the police, the police immediately notified the fire department rescue and rushed to the scene.A heavy semi-trailer was found lying in the middle of the road on fire, with its structure badly deformed and a tricycle lying on the side of the roadside railing.The police immediately do a good job of safety protection, and actively cooperate with the fire personnel on the scene to fight the fire, fortunately, the accident did not cause casualties.After investigation, the heavy semi caught fire after colliding with a tricycle.The truck driver, who drove for 5 hours without rest, was responsible for the accident.During the Spring Festival Travel rush, the policemen on duty of Huizhou traffic police found a minc truck parked in the emergency lane in front of them at 2819 km shenhai Expressway. They did not turn on the flashing light of danger alarm or put up the warning sign of trouble, which was very dangerous.Police immediately put warning signs in the rear, take protective measures, went to the truck found the driver is sitting in the main driving position sound asleep!The police immediately woke up the truck driver and let him out.After questioning, the driver Gao said he had been driving the truck for a long time and felt a little tired, so he parked the vehicle in the emergency lane and lay prone on the steering wheel to catch up on sleep, only to be found by the police on duty.In this regard, the police severely criticized the driver, explained the harm of disorderly parking on the highway, and punished it according to law.The fatigue driving case above fortunately no casualties but not every fatigue driving so lucky you never to travel with life fatigue 5 car crash, three people died on May 1, 2020, 17 18, when Hu Mou driving heavy semi tractor to ZhaoYang highway 130 km + 970 m (yangchun sections),A small car driven by Jeong was rear-ended, and three cars and a barn truck rear-ended the front car.The accident resulted in the death of three passengers in Jeong’s car and the injury of three people in two rear cars.Yangjiang traffic police investigation shows that the heavy semi tractor driver Hu driving parts do not meet the technical standards of the motor vehicle, excessive fatigue affect safe driving, not with the same lane driving in front of the car to keep enough to take emergency braking measures of the safe distance, not in accordance with the operating standards of safe driving, resulting in the accident.The end of the holiday to drive home a lot of people might all be eager to move on and ignore in the middle proper rest but the more so the more easy to driving accidents caused by fatigue driving long distance drivers should follow “will meet three into the” traffic police remind everyone who eager to rework the driver to hurry to rest fully also keep sufficient spirit do not fatigue driving on the road again