An ethical tragedy caused by abnormal love between a cousin and a younger brother in Shanxi in 2008

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Love between close relatives is not only not recognized by ethics and morality, but also not supported by physiology. Medical studies have shown that the offspring born from close relatives are dozens or even hundreds of times more likely to suffer from genetic diseases than those born from close relatives.The resulting offspring are bound to live a lifetime of illness or even death, which is not good for society.Therefore, China’s law also prohibits direct blood relatives or collateral blood relatives within three generations from getting married. However, under the provisions of the law, some people still try to do such behavior regardless of its constraints, and even do harm to others.Path (pseudonym) is the smallest child in the home, his family can only use a “miserable” word to describe, his home lives in shanxi Xinzhou City, Bian Guan County in a small village, family conditions are extremely poor, but in such poor conditions, path family has to be tortured.Mother suffering from mental illness, even their own children do not recognize, sister was soon after birth was checked out leukemia, can only rely on drugs to maintain, although life without worry, but also can stay at home, father is very healthy, but because of the need to carry the home, he was straight waist is also growing slouch.In such an environment, Xiao Lu’s character is also self-abased and sensitive.He never felt the warmth of his family. As a teenager, Lu Became addicted to the Internet, where he could temporarily forget his miserable background and feel at home.But after all, the network world is only virtual, he is important to face the reality, but his eyes are just a gloomy.It wasn’t until the arrival of her cousin xiao Hong (pseudonym) in 2008 that Lu’s life changed.Xiao Hong, who lives in Sichuan province and is several years older than Lu, was in high school when a sudden earthquake prevented her from going back to school.But she is preparing for the college entrance examination, in order not to affect Xiao Hong’s study, her parents sent her home in Shanxi Alley, although it is a little bitter here, but at least it can let Xiao Hong have a safe environment to study.When she arrived at Lu’s house, she felt sorry for her cousin, who was living a hard life, so she took more care of him.He helped him with his homework and taught him to play games. Lu Felt real warmth in The care of Xiao Hong. In his eyes, Xiao Hong was like an angel who came to his side with light.He fell in love with Xiao Hong, but they were still children and close relatives, and the relationship was doomed to fail.In addition, Lu Was still unrequited love. From beginning to end, Xiao Hong just regarded Lu as her younger brother without any other thoughts. And the fact is that Lu was just her younger brother.But Xiao Hong was the first light in Xiao Lu’s life. Xiao Lu could not live without her.In the days after, lane is no longer addicted to the network, he enjoys the time he stays with Xiao Hong, but Xiao Hong does not belong here after all, she also has to go back one day, before long, Xiao Hong will be the college entrance examination, after going to college, maybe and Lane are two worlds of people.When Xiao Lu heard the news, he decided to confess his heart to Xiao Hong, maybe he could keep Her here.But In the face of xiao Hong’s inner voice, she just smiled and gently persuaded Xiao Lu to put down this relationship. She told him that he would understand what he liked when he grew up and that it was important to learn.But think this is just a little red road out of his excuse, like in the little red also gradually mixed with a little hatred, after him to indulge in the network, after days, the path of the mood is very depressed, ok will flip small red QQ space, then the path the picture on a point of no return.It was a picture of Xiao Hong with a male classmate, which struck Lu as lightning. He thought it was because of this boy that Xiao Hong wanted to get rid of him, so he thought of getting rid of this boy, so that there was no obstacle between him and Xiao Hong.So he took a knife and followed the boy all the way after school. When he came to a quiet place, Xiao Lu took out a knife and stabbed the boy’s neck suddenly. Fortunately, the boy avoided it in time and finally escaped.But the alley’s psychology is so twisted up, since you can’t get it, destroy it.The day of the college entrance examination, Xiao Hong confidently set out from home, as long as the pass, she will be able to go to their ideal university, but in any case she will not think, she has been taking care of the cousin will destroy her dream.The moment the bottle of strong alkali was splashed in her face, Xiao Hong felt a sharp pain, but more painful was her heart, her future could be completely shattered.Although received timely rescue, but the little red face has also been destroyed, along with the destruction of her infinite vision of the future.But Xiao Hong did not give up. She believed that although she was hurt like this, she could still realize her dream through hard work.Although Xiao Lu caused irreparable damage to her, she still chose to forgive and hoped that someone could enligh10 her cousin, saying that she would still take the college entrance exam next year to pursue her dream.And Xiao Lu will face the law.According to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, those who intentionally kill shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years;If the circumstances are minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.Although he did not kill the boy, but he also committed murder, and subjectively with the intent to kill the other side, so it is intentional attempted murder.In addition, his use of strong alkali to harm Xiao Hong also constitutes the crime of intentional injury, according to the Criminal Law, the crime of intentional injury to seriously injured people, shall be sentenced to more than three years and less than 10 years of imprisonment;Whoever causes death to another person or seriously injures another person with serious disability by especially cruel means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.Xiao Lu was sentenced to life imprisonment in the end, his deformed love finally brought himself and Xiao Hong into the abyss.Perhaps in prison, when he recalled this incident, he would also think of his feelings for Xiao Hong, can really be called “love”?