After blaming China and Russia for the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the White House has been blamed again. Can the White House get rid of the blame?

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It has not been a good week for the White House.Last week, the Pentagon released a 2,000-page report on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan that the White House has been reluctant to address.According to the report, the embarrassing mess that led to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was caused by the White House’s meddling.The report drew attention back to the White House, with Russian media saying the Washington Post had received a similar report earlier but had chosen to withhold it.Now, however, the White House’s interference in the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has finally been revealed to the international community.In a last-ditch effort to save face over the already hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Pentagon has been trying to explain it as a move to focus more on a bigger threat.Ironically, the US military also blamed the withdrawal on the US dealing with China and Russia and said it was “focused on that”.Of course, America’s “Allies” are not stupid either, seeing American troops leave Afghanistan in a hurry has made America look less “tall” in their eyes.The United States, sensing the change in attitude, even spent a day explaining the withdrawal to NATO and other countries in an effort to regain their trust.At the time, the military and the White House were saying the same thing.The US has a bad relationship with Russia and China anyway, and they just say the reason for the withdrawal is that Russia and China pose a “threat” to the US, so the troops have to be moved back to protect the US.Since the beginning of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, there has been no end to the chaos at the airport and in the country.The withdrawal of American troops has also left a number of Afghan civilians wounded, some of them by gunfire.In addition, the U.S. military has also been coy when asked how the withdrawal will accommodate the Afghans who have helped the U.S. troops.The chaos the United States brought to Afghanistan during its withdrawal has left the United States with no credibility in the international community.How can a country be trusted to make such a mess of the withdrawal of its troops?So it wasn’t long before there were many voices in the United States.The White House, Pentagon and intelligence officials have all begun to blame each other for the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.The White House is also blaming its own intelligence operatives for failing to tell them that the Afghan government was about to fall, which is why the WITHDRAWAL was so embarrassing.U.S. intelligence officials are not afraid to fight back with the White House, saying they had reported the collapse of the Afghan government to the White House and blamed the White House for not taking it seriously.The Pentagon, meanwhile, is looking for culprits.Defense Secretary Austin said the United States had done nothing wrong and that Afghan forces were to blame.The implication is that the cause of America’s failure is not America’s, and that Afghan forces should pay for it.The White House, which had criticized its own intelligence services, quickly reversed course and sided with the Pentagon, saying the Afghan forces were “too weak in their will”.If Afghan forces had been as persistent as US forces, this would not have happened.In the finger-pointing between the US and Afghan forces and across the US, they forgot to say that China and Russia were to blame for the failure in the first place.This shows that the US side likes to blame others.Now, the Us Department of Defense has taken another bold step, directly accusing the White House of interfering with the troop withdrawal process.The 2, 000 pages of documents reveal us military anger at the bizarre instructions given to them by former soldiers in Afghanistan.Peter Wasley, a senior U.S. official, told reporters that the Bidens, members of Congress and others in the White House are “harassing” troops leaving Afghanistan every day because they want the military to remove those close to them first.During the 17-day evacuation, the Defense Department said it received thousands of phone calls from the White House, as well as countless emails and text messages.To answer the calls and letters, the military had to set up an AD hoc team whose daily task was to listen to the appeals of White House officials.So a pentagon spokesman says the White House’s approach is distracting them from an orderly exit from Afghanistan.Faced with criticism, Mr. Biden said the trump administration was to blame.Because he inherited the deal with the Taliban from Trump during his transition.The Biden administration seems to be trying to pin the blame on Trump, but will he succeed?Perhaps the outcome doesn’t matter. What matters is that the White House has lost its dignity by pushing charges around.