A: congratulations!Wu Dajing led the championship, The Chinese team got the first gold in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the initiative to appeal success

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On February 5, 2022, the winter Olympics in the first match, the Chinese team sent the strongest squad, impact speed skater mixed 2000 m relay gold MEDALS, the Olympic champion Wu Dajing led, the favourites Holland, South Korea has fallen, there is no final, because the United States, Russia, the ioc foul to be eliminated, the Chinese team won,The first gold medal of the Winter Olympics.Wu Dajing, pyeongchang Men’s 500m champion, led the team. Ren Ziwei, Sun Long, Fan Kecin, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting also won two gold MEDALS, one silver and one bronze MEDALS in the previous four World Cups.The world record is 2:35.951 set by South Korea last year.Quarter-final China in the first group, and South Korea, Italy, Poland, the Chinese team lineup is a new, QuChunYu, President of all, fan can Wu Dajing, China first, second, Italy south down elimination, the Chinese team to 2 minutes and 37 seconds 535, create new Olympic record, but the Dutch team soon in 2 minutes and 36 seconds 437,Set another Olympic record.Semi China in group B, ioc and Hungary, the United States, Russia, adjust the squad coach, order is QuChunYu, Zhang Yuting, Wu Dajing, all, China interference and handover bar links appear problem, the United States and Hungary’s top two, group A Dutch falls, Canada and Italy to qualify, China actively appeal succeeded.The referee to watch the game video, ioc foul results determine the United States and Russia, the Chinese team in the second final, the Chinese team gold medal, Hungary, Canada, Italy, the coach sent QuChunYu, fan can be new, Wu Dajing, let all team, won the gold medal, in the end this is the Chinese team in the Olympics the first gold, create a new history.The men’s 1000 meters preliminaries, Wu Dajing 1 minutes 23 seconds 927, all 1 minutes 23 seconds 772, both won team first, cb in 1 minutes 23 seconds 140, group 3, is at the top of the south Korean star Huang Daxian, he broke the Olympic record 1 minutes 23 seconds 042, three Chinese players are advanced to the quarter-finals, Wu Dajing performance concern,He was the only Chinese gold medalist at the last Winter Olympics.In the women’s 500-meter heat, Fan Kexin won the first place in 43.275 seconds, Qu Chunyu was second in 42.691 seconds, and Zhang Yuting was second in 43.233 seconds. They all advanced to the next round.