The spring recruitment of China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. will start in 2022. The internship salary will reach 7,000 yuan, and some positions will have an annual salary of 230,000 yuan

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So far, the winter vacation is half over. For most students, winter vacation is very comfortable and priority, but for a small number of students, it is anxious.Among them enter the examination of senior three and senior students, there are about four months time, senior three examinees will usher in their own destiny turning point – the college entrance examination, time is very urgent.And for the senior students, soon will be ushered in the graduation season, some students may end from now on, into the community into the workplace.But according to the current employment situation, it is difficult for college students to obtain employment. Affected by the environment, many graduates now do not regard high salary as the first element, but pay more attention to stability.Therefore, iron “iron rice bowl” jobs, such as civil servants, public institutions, state-owned enterprises and so on, have become popular among college students.”China Railway No. 5 Bureau” spring recruitment starts in 2022, the average salary of internship is 7000 yuan, fresh graduates should seize the opportunity to mention “China Railway” must be familiar to everyone, is a relatively large engineering group in China, its subsidiaries all over the country, which also provides more opportunities for college students to find employment.At present, the 2022 Spring recruitment of China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Has started. This time, the main recruitment target is the class of 2022 graduates, so students who are about to graduate should seize the opportunity.This recruitment is not very high to the requirement of academic record, as long as it is undergraduate degree can sign up, of course, the higher the academic record, the salary treatment is different.The salary of China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is composed of fixed salary + performance + various subsidies + various bonuses. The average salary of undergraduates during internship can reach 7000 YUAN.Such salary is the best among all interns, not to mention it will increase by at least 1000 yuan after the appointment.Postgraduates can be directly appointed as assistant titles, with an average salary of 8,500 yuan. A high degree is in the ascendant wherever they go.It is worth mentioning that the annual salary of a doctor can reach 230,000 yuan, which does not include subsidies and bonuses, etc. In addition to salary, graduates at any stage can enjoy perfect welfare security.It is more advantageous to apply for these majors. College students should know that civil engineering major in China Railway No. 5 Engineering Bureau is engaged in construction related industries. Civil engineering major involves all kinds of knowledge and theories related to civil engineering, which can play a great role in housing construction, roads, tunnels and other aspects.Therefore, the major students of China Railway No. 5 Engineering Bureau are also the major students, so students of this major can pay attention to it, after all, it is a very good job opportunity.Mechanical Engineering students of this major are mainly enrolled in manufacturing majors, but also in railway, bridge and other related units.Railway engineering major this major is relatively popular in the past two years, is a lot of candidates to register for the major, the reason is because China’s railway industry is relatively perfect, college students can have more employment opportunities.And this major is also the counterpart major of China Iron Fifth Bureau, most students can apply what they learn here, the future development prospect is still very considerable, so the college students of this major can also try.College students should pay more attention to details in the online interview. In the past, the spring recruitment may be the enterprise came to the school, and students face to face communication, but this time, it may be because of the impact of the epidemic, in addition to the winter vacation.Many college students think it is a good thing that they don’t have to go to a strange environment to create more tension.However, there are also several problems that need to be paid attention to in online interviews. The first is the network problem. If the network is not smooth, there will be a situation of lag.You should know that the interviewer will face a lot of applicants in a day, both physically and mentally are very tired, at this time the network is not smooth, in the time of the jam, the interviewer may be in the psychological to give you a picture ×.Therefore, it is important to make sure that the Internet is smooth. Secondly, even if online interview, college students should not dress too casually. The reason why the interviewer chooses video rather than voice is to get to know you through dressing and body language.Therefore, college students should make sure that they are properly dressed, and also ensure that the camera is clear. Finally, the background problem should not be ignored. It is better to use a bookshelf as the background, if it is filled with honors and will be better.If not, white walls are fine, but make sure you don’t choose a background that is too cluttered, as it can come off as lazy or sloppy.Finally, I want to say: with the current employment situation, it is not easy for college students to find a satisfactory job, so college students should grasp every recruitment opportunity, do not aim high, so as not to miss the opportunity.What do you think of China Railway No. 5 Bureau?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.