Serie A strong showdown, Juve can continue good state?

2022-06-13 0 By

Atalanta are currently 5th in Serie A with 12 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses this season, with one game less.Atalanta have won just one of their last five games and have lost two in a row at home, where they are far less consistent than away, especially against the top serie A teams, who have not won a game this season.Juventus this season 13 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses, temporarily ranked fourth in Serie A, the team in the two years of dominance in Serie A declined a lot, Juve away play or relatively stable, this season away only lost a game, is to face the limelight is prosperous Naples.Juve have been in better form since the start of the New Year, winning seven and drawing three of their last 10 games, with three draws against napoli, inter milan and AC Milan.The game most institutions out of a draw, the market is not big, Juve ultra-low water.League clash of two teams, Atlanta 2-6-2 last 10 games, two games is made 2 meetings recently, and win the disk capacity is very good, at the beginning of the game from refers to the bias is not big, but starting grids, or bias in Atlanta, afternoon to juve support, juve’s recent good, after all, many take for granted, even the ultra-low water is a little interesting,If it goes up, juve win and pay more, if it stays like this I think juve still have a chance to play, after all, the underwater entry pay is not very high, and Atalanta have a certain pull.Elder brother view: the score forecast: 1-2 1-3