Rizhao tourism guide, about rizhao seafood, rizhao accommodation strategy

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To rizhao tourism, to give you a small strategy, I hope to help you.oneAccommodation accommodation, sunshine this respect or more mature.They fall into three categories: hotels, tenements, and fishing.Let’s talk about it separately.1. Hotels Hotels include star hotels, economy hotels and guesthouses.Rizhao is a tourist nature of the city, so in the tourist season accommodation prices will be slightly higher than usual, but compared with other coastal cities or a few lower.There are more star hotels in the seaside, such as Lanqiao Jinjiang Hotel, Sheraton, Tiande Hotel, while in the urban area, there are more economy hotels, such as Home inn, Jinjiang Star, Suobai and so on.2. Yu Jia Le yu Jia le is also a feature of Rizhao, you can experience the feelings of fishermen.But the fisherman is also much good and bad intermingled, when choosing to use dim sum.Can carry on a general understanding on the net, see more evaluation ah, see the word of mouth how.Try to avoid outsiders to open the fisherman’s joy, because he is also to pay rent.Driver of carry passenger also do not credulous, meet pull a guest more want to stay dim sum.Recommend Huijin fishers, new Jinwang fishers, you can rest assured.Short-term rental apartment is just in its infancy in China, emerging from abroad.It is mainly a family or apartment-style building, eating and living together, you can buy food to do, clean and hygienic.When choosing a short rental apartment, we should see whether the transportation is convenient and whether the kitchen utensils and daily supplies are complete.twoRecommend seafood restaurant Sunshine seafood is relatively cheaper, when repast must say hello to price in advance oh!We also know that live seafood and dead seafood taste different, in order to eat live seafood, we must do a good job in advance, choose the restaurant with dessert.1. The most attractive thing about the chocolate fisherman’s house is that it’s all live seafood. You pick it and watch them kill it to make sure it’s fresh.Seafood pot and wahoo dumplings are his specialties, which are especially popular.In order to ensure the taste and freshness of seafood, the variety is not very rich.Their home in wankou and three baths have shops, personally think wankou shop environment may be a little better.Compared with chocolate fisherman, qianwang Yuan Seafood Restaurant has more variety of dishes.And if you like Shandong cuisine, don’t miss it. It tastes good and is more authentic.The price is really affordable.3. Yahe Hotel restaurant is in pursuit of high-end exquisite dining environment to this is quite good, he is a high-end star hotel.Their seafood is also authentic and suitable for banquets.It means the price is high and the consumption is medium-high.