Microsoft Xbox Series X console power disassembles

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If there’s a big news story recently, it’s “Microsoft’s $68.7 billion cash acquisition of Activision Blizzard.” As far as gaming is concerned, it’s true to the meme — sorry, money can do what it wants.The latest generation, Xbox Series X/S, launched in November 2020, has been defined as the next generation of consoles with significantly improved hardware and is therefore a hit.At present, we have got the power charging head network of Microsoft Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Series X. In this issue, we will first share with you the dismounting of the built-in power supply of the flagship Xbox Series X. It supports 12V5A and 12V21.25A output, and the maximum power is 255W.The top and side of the power supply body of Xbox Series X adopts an integrated electroplated metal shell. The input base is connected to the power supply circuit board, and there are two sets of output cables.There is a nameplate on the upper right corner of the top surface.The power supply model is 1920, supporting 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 4.21A input, as well as 12V5A, 12V21.25A output. The manufacturer is Group Photoelectric Energy Technology Co., LTD.The perforated mesh design of the front and rear housing helps dissipate heat.Take a look at the other end.The bottom adopts PC material plastic shell, the edge is provided with a hole and a fixed column.Input female seat close-up, 8 – figure socket design.There is corresponding specification information on the shell of the base, which has passed the CCC certification.Close-up of switch plug.Close-up of main power supply plug.Disassembling the power supply for Xbox Series XThe metal shell is also designed with a layer of plastic shell for insulation protection, PC fireproof material.The bottom plastic shell is fastened to the power module by a buckle.The front of the main board of the power supply can be seen in a glance. The layout of components has a sense of layers. The color radiator of the first MOS tube can help heat dissipation.Board back view, with LLC half bridge switch tube and light coupling.Through observation, it is found that this power supply adopts PFC+LLC switching power supply architecture, and outputs after synchronous rectification.Let’s start with the details of each device from the input side.One end of the board is provided with an input EMI filter circuit, and the varistor is coated with an insulating tube. The safety gauge X capacitor and common mode inductor are both designed in two stages. One safety gauge X capacitor is welded on the small board.Close-up time delay fuse, specification: 6.3a 250V.Safety gauge X close-up capacitance 0.47μF.The other one has a capacity of 1.0μF.The side view of the module is divided into three sections. On the left side, there are NTC surge suppression resistance, rectifier bridge, filter capacitor and other devices, and resonance capacitor and high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitor are arranged in the middle, and transformer is arranged on the right side.Close-up of two Y capacitors.Rectifier bridge from Yangjie, using screws fixed on the radiator fin heat dissipation.The green NTC surge suppressor on the side is used to suppress the upsurge current.Close-up of filter capacitance.The other side is also divided into three sections, the right side is provided with a PFC boost circuit, the resonant inductor and power control chip in the middle, and the output end is provided with two small plates.The main control chip of power supply adopts MPS HR1211, which is a multi-mode PFC and current mode LLC two-in-one controller. It integrates the functions of traditional chip solutions that need 2-3 chips into one chip. The PFC controller supports CCM and DCM working modes.The HR1211 has a digitally controlled core that supports high voltage start and intelligent X capacitor discharge. The PFC class supports up to 250KHz operating frequency, and the LLC class has a built-in 600V half-bridge driver and an integrated bootstrap diode that operates up to 500KHz, supporting rich protection features.Conductive sponges are attached to the PFC boost inductor and heat sink.Remove the PFC boost inductor, and PFC boost MOS tube and rectifier tube are fixed on the heat sink.Close-up of PFC boost inductor.PFC booster switch tube adopts Fuding advanced AP60SL115DI, conductivity 115m ω, to-220CFM package.Ultra fast rectifier diode adopts LTTH806SDF, 600V voltage.A high voltage filter electrolytic capacitor is placed in the middle.Capacitors are made of Fac Ltec brand.Specifications for 450V 220μF.Close-up of resonant capacitor.Three filter capacitors are welded to the small plate on the left side of the resonant inductor.Capacitor from SAMXON, specifications are 50V 100μF, used to power the main control chip.LLC half bridge switch tube adopts Italian STD16N50M2, voltage 550V, conductivity 0.28 ω, DPAK package.Two EL 1019 optocouplings for output voltage feedback and circuit protection.The second small board has a silk-screen SH3H0022 chip.At the output end, two synchronous rectifier tubes are fixed on the heat sink, and three filter solid state capacitors are arranged on the right side.MPS MP6924A LLC synchronous rectifier with enhanced anti-interference and fast turn-off function, compatible with CCM/DCM mode.The MP6924A is internally integrated with two synchronous rectifier controllers, which are respectively used for the rectification application of the two secondary coil outputs of LLC. It is suitable for the synchronous rectification application of LLC converter.Can save a controller, simplify the secondary circuit design, and support 4.2-35V wide range of operating voltage, can be used for USB PD3.1 quick charge 140W power supply design.STF140N6F7, voltage 60V, conductivity 0.0031 ω, used for LLC synchronous rectification.Three output filter solid state capacitor close-up, specification 16V 1200μF.Close-up of galvanometer.It’s all disassembled. Let’s take a family photo.Although the maximum power of Xbox Series X host power can reach 255W, the overall power is still designed to be quite small and modular, reflecting first-class design skills.It is also very friendly for the Xbox Series X console, which is not very large in itself.Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it was found that the power supply was made so small mainly due to the use of MPS HR1211+MP6924A, a highly integrated PFC+LLC power supply scheme, with high frequency, high efficiency and reliable performance. In addition, it was combined with STMICROELECTRONICS high and low voltage MOS tube, Faxtown electrolytic capacitor and solid state capacitor for filtering.Dachang group photoelectric generation, luxury materials, reliable work.With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the pressure is on SONY, and the company’s stock price has plummeted.If the deal goes through, Microsoft will have a large portfolio of high-quality game IP and the development schedule should accelerate, which is not bad for the gaming party.