Jigongshan Scenic spot offers condolences to workers in need

2022-06-13 0 By

The warmer the cold feeling is, the stronger the love is.The Spring Festival is coming, in order to make the employees in need spend a happy and peaceful traditional festival, the Federation of trade Unions of Jigong Mountain Management Area and the Trade union of Xinyang Jigong Mountain Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. have carried out visits and condolence activities, and sent condolence money and New Year’s blessing to the employees in need.OuDangWei 27 January morning, jigong mountain management committee, trade union chairman wang in Ann, xinyang jigongshan scenic area management co., LTD., chairman of the high Luo Wei, general manager, and the company union related personnel a line into the hard worker home visits condolences, sent consolation money for it, and to convey the OuDangWei and my sincere greetings and good wishes for the company.In the visit, the sympathy group kindly condoled the difficult workers, encouraged the difficult workers to build confidence, not because of the immediate difficulties affect the enthusiasm of work and life.And hope that the difficult workers can under the leadership and help of the organization, with a positive attitude to face the difficulties, out of the dilemma.To each place, condolence leaders and difficult workers have a cordial talk, a detailed understanding of work, life and health conditions.Praise and encourage them for their unyielding spirit.Said in the Spring Festival approaching, the trade union organization as the majority of workers “mother family”, “close friend”, “warm heart person”, will always put the cold and warm in the heart of the staff, the warmth to the needy workers hands.The party’s warm and New Year’s blessing to the majority of workers around, the trade union will continue to play a good role as a bridge link, as in the past to do good things for workers, do practical things, solve difficult problems.The sympathy of the difficult workers have said that they will continue to do their own work, due diligence, with full enthusiasm and good mental state into the work, do not live up to the care and love of the district Party Committee and the trade union organization.- END – image | JiChenChen edit | | Sun Xiaolin audit liu JiChenChen