Don’t be greedy for others’ fish, do these 5 points, package you get rid of ten catch nine empty predicament

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The most painful thing about fishing is to look at the photos of other people going crazy every day, while you catch ten and nine empty, and buy a lot of equipment and bait to no avail, just waste money.If you see online anglers Posting fish, you can still find an excuse to say that they are good resources, but if it is local anglers or your friends around you every day crazy pull pictures, that can be really uncomfortable.Novice fishing, due to the lack of technology, lack of experience, poor fish is normal, but the novice and not old hands as good mentality, they are the most eager to fish.But there is a saying that “impatient can’t eat hot tofu”, the more anxious the less catch, after all, skills, experience these things can not be improved in a short time.This article can not improve your technology, also can not increase your experience, but as long as you carefully look and follow to do, that is guaranteed to improve the fish, crazy pull explosion protection can not say, but to avoid the air force I am sure!Making friends and communicating with others is no use doing a lot of things alone. You have to stay together. Fishing is no different.Resources good place does not matter, if you go out of the house to casually find a place can fish, then when I did not say this sentence, if the resources are not good, fish is difficult to catch, so must make friends, friends more fishing point more natural.Usually do not have a time to carry the fishing rod to run to the river, it is better to turn around to find some fishing friends to chat, and then want a contact, as to how to say is the individual play.At the beginning, no one is willing to tell you good places, especially private plots, in case you are sent to the undercover electrician network?But over time, people will know you are a serious fisherman, maybe they will share with you.In fact, you can set up a small local group, get together trusted, chat, and then everyone fishing points to share, so much more efficient.Let the group know where there are fish, and then everyone can go fishing if they are free.However, the principle of this kind of group is not too many people, a large number of people will be chaotic, and the point will spread quickly, so that people do not want to share.Novice second fishing “shortcut” : try to run, I often chat with my friends say that fishing, chat most sentence is “good fishing spot is oil to burn out”, you don’t run, don’t find, only depend on others to tell you, that want to crazy la explosion protection is too difficult for others to tell you “good fishing spot”, may be sent in several hand, and caught.Have you ever heard someone say something like this when you found out about a new fishing spot and went fishing?This place recently, really good, but not now ~ and mentioned above dating, fishing point sharing more, if you just blindly, but could not provide the good fishing yourself to others, that they are not with you can’t always tell you the good place, don’t blame others, the town of rules everyone should understand.To go more means to go farther, to places that people don’t want to go, and to try more means to go on another level. For example, you can try fishing in places that are generally considered to be devoid of fish and not worth catching.For example, before and after the start of Spring, the temperature and water temperature are still very low, and everyone is fishing in deep water, thinking that the cold weather or deep water can catch fish. At this time, if you see enough water plants in shallow water, signs of fish activity or muddy water, you might as well try it, maybe you will have a surprise.Novice’s third-largest fishing “shortcut” : can not stay up late, but have to get up early night fishing in general is not as good as the day fishing, is a cold, 2 it is less secure, although also cold in the morning but the benefit is that security is higher than in the evening, followed by the mouth of the fish in the morning usually fish mouth better than in the evening, the most important is to more early, catch a more some pick, to can only choose the somebody else not late.Some people say that it is cold in winter, fish mouth late, morning not too early, nine or ten to go completely too late.Although I usually love to sleep late, also can’t get up, but there is no denying that early rise has absolute advantage.Fish resources as our side is not very good, so as long as heard about where the fish recently, fisherman must be super much, in this case if you nine to ten o ‘clock, people lay a nest of material have to feed the fish to go fishing sometimes so, find a good position on the top of the fish two hours can others the fish of the day.A few years ago, there was an old fishing friend and I talked. In the winter, they would sleep overnight and then sit by the water at five or six o ‘clock the next morning. Others would come at nine or ten with fishing gear.Then in the evening to prepare to play the overnight nest, found that nine to ten people are still fishing, a fish only three or four catties of fish.New fishing’s fourth largest “shortcut” : overnight nest the habit of many people is “skill nest material enough to gather together,” if an jin nest is not on the fish then hit two jins, if hit two jins fish to fill two jins ~ nest is really important, most of the time really can also greatly improve the efficiency of a fishing, but is not to say that the nest is expected to play the more the more fish, fish, if such a fishing but no fun.For novice, in this matter I give two suggestions: can play overnight nest on the night nest, and the best is to play a few overnight nest, and then the next day must go to the early, hang up the earthworm a nest fishing again, choose a mouth the best place under the pole, the other position to others also doesn’t matter.On the night nest how to choose a position, how to play, see my other articles, here is not detailed.If for some reason can not play overnight nest, can only catch now hit, then nest material must be less, like winter, spring can not even hit nest, especially Taiwan fishing with commodity bait, not afraid to keep fish, because you pull the bait rub bait is always scattered bait.Too much nesting, however, can result in fish being afraid to nest or being fed.This term does not simply refer to multiple fishing rods, but to different types of rods.If it is table fishing, I usually use 2 rods, but these two rods are different fishing groups, different bait, and then fishing two nests.My habit is a long and a short, such as a 4.5, a 7.2, the length of the two fishing rod better be more different.Then the short rod is basically as the main rod, with small hook fine line, hanging bait for fishing;The long pole is a thicker line group to hang worms for fishing, do not need frequency, there is a mouth to lift, no mouth does not need to move often.Sometimes I will choose different kinds of rods, for example, the main rod uses a 4.5m hand rod, but I will use a long rod of more than 10m to play several nests beside it. If the hand rod fails to catch fish, I will change to the traditional fishing with long rod and short line.You think this kind is more troublesome, more tiring, can also change a kind, for example, throw two small rocky pole or shore raft pole next to, match string hook, hang earthworm, defend can.In summer and autumn, I will even use Taiwan fishing + Luya, Taiwan fishing can not catch fish on the nest, get up and throw luya for a while.What others might think of as half-hearted was how I often got out of the Air Force.Don’t look at the surface, don’t just use theory analysis, I always think that since it is wild fishing, that way should be a little wild, on the end of the effect of the test will know.Conclusion: Some people may read this article and say: fishing is just entertainment, are you too tired?And it seems purely for the fish. Is that necessary?For some people fishing is just a recreational pastime to kill time, but there are also some people fishing is to catch a few fish to eat, or there are fish to have “entertainment”, no fish, no fun.In short, everyone has their own ideas, no one can say who is wrong, you just have fun.Xiao Fei, a post-90s fishing enthusiast, hopes to record the beauty of fishing in writing and leave his experience to those who need help.