Because of the firmness of the coming days, so refused to panic.There’s still a long way to go. Let’s take our time

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Mediocrity or glory, the day is their own, you want to look like, you should work hard for this, to struggle.One day, a thorn you, enough to shine.I was behind, but I never stopped.I firmly believe that life is a long battle, no one can always win, but there is always someone who does not give up, do not admit defeat.We are ordinary, ordinary to different, ordinary to unique.We are no one’s who, we are our own unique.He is not unstoppable, but you have not experienced his bloody rebirth.Living again, he must, of course, try his best for himself once, so as not to waste the soul that broke through the darkness.It’s life that’s bad, not us.The way you try can be a ray of light in a bad life that still seems hopeful.We are the hope of life, not its appendages.When you think what can not, there is always someone can, there is always someone as always firm, we think too difficult, too complex, there is always someone easy, there are always someone never give up.So, that guy, we can, too, can’t we?