A hongmeng system makes the AITO M5 quite attractive

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Huawei winter chip conference last year, huawei, combining the concept of gold force and ask the M5, stir more than car, even the digital circle and science and technology are a wave of unprecedented attention, booking just three days, ask the M5 has received 2000 orders, 5 days has reached 6000 units, have to admit that huawei’s brand appeal really powerful.The question is, is this a Huawei car?In view of the public opinion that “Huawei makes cars” on the Internet, people used to call it Huawei cars. But in fact, Huawei only provides technical, marketing and channel support, and does not participate in the part of car manufacturing. It still insists on the principle of “helping car companies make good cars”.It can only be said that this is a model deeply embedded in Huawei’s core system, or we can list it as huawei’s smart brand. Then, how about the EXPERIENCE of M5 with Huawei’s halo? I will explain to you this time.Positioning: medium-sized SUV motor type: permanent magnet synchronous/front AC asynchronous rear permanent magnet synchronous motor type: permanent magnet synchronous maximum power: 200/315/365KW Peak torque: 360/720/675 N · m Battery type: Three yuan lithium battery Battery capacity:40kWh whether to support fast charging: yes range extender: 1.5T engine (125) transmission: electric vehicle single speed transmission highlights: material reality, Hongmengsystem, long endurance real shooting model: 2022 four-wheel drive flagship edition (official guidance price:M5 is sold in Huawei flagship store. It is clearly a model with “Silas” at the end of the label, but it is displayed in Huawei mobile phone store. This is really not a fresh feeling, and no wonder people will mistake this for “Huawei car”.Although not as crowded as previously claimed on the Internet, passers-by are willing to check out huawei’s flagship store as they pass by.Of course, I think this is a successful marketing practice. After all, when people want to know about a new car priced at 250,000-320,000 yuan, it is definitely not because of AITO, a new brand, but mostly because of Huawei.This was answered by several passers-by I asked that day. They did not know the brand, but they were very interested in what technology Huawei used. It can be seen that Huawei has given the M5 technology value beyond the original mechanical product power.And from the platform, it goes with the force, SF5 strong relations, even if it’s in the huawei mobile phone retail store selling, but car, maintenance, maintenance needs to be done to the game, 4 s shop, also because of the cause of the platform, see q boundary M5 one eye, like the force SF5 owners see their car to be kindness,There is a certain similarity in appearance between the two, which is not surprising, since the M5 is also from the Syris factory.However, I think that M5 is more than a momentum, perhaps also because the lower grille area is great, to create such a feeling, in general, relatively simple fashion, belongs to the endurance type player, but less that a let a person impulse elements.For those of you who have never seen the Siris SF5, you may have another feeling that it seems to be the twin of the Porsche Macan.Due to the overall slip back reasons, plus a more rounded design, ask the M5 scene does not look big, but in fact its length and width has reached 4770/1930/1625mm, wheelbase also has 2880mm, a medium-sized SUV into a 5-seat car, we do not need to pick any of its space problems.Ask world the essence of the M5 full in this ask huawei to ask the M5’s biggest value, is this smart HarmonyOS cockpit, as long as you are a huawei mobile phone users, should not unfamiliar, from experience, fluency, literally, this is the most fluent car machine system, domestic and even no one, no frame loss rate, delay response,I think you have the opportunity to experience it.Compared to other forms of system, HongMeng car owner is playing “step direct” concept, this will avoid to many so-called secondary menu, or even triple menu can achieve “stupid logic”, with only a single operating system level, as long as you have needs, custom after all modules, also can achieve physical buttons the same convenience,This is also the result of the high efficiency of the underlying logic.Even if you’re still worried about on-screen controls, the HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit also has a powerful voice dialogue feature that not only responds quickly and recognises the HarmonyOS smart cockpit, but also allows continuous conversations to start and stop apps at the same time.The voice assistant “Xiaoyi” also has the function of intelligent butler. As long as the voice tells it what to do, the “Internet of Everything” of The Hongmeng system will synchronize with other terminals. At this time, you will feel that the “Internet car” we discussed in the past has been so close to your life.In addition, the current fatigue monitoring, smart watch keys, navigation to the car and other emerging features are also covered in the M5, as long as you are willing to discover, it will always provide some unexpected surprises.However, the HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit is not perfect at this stage. The main reason is that it is not as open as the Hongmeng System on mobile phones and tablets. For example, the popular wechat app HarmonyOS still cannot be downloaded.Again, for example, huawei separately display () is not parallel to the horizon in the car system optimization in place, such as start the parallel to the horizon, to need to rely on and navigation function, and the proportion of the split screen also cannot free adjustment, on the application separately display of freedom apparently not huawei tablet as strong, so we cannot simply think that “this is a piece of huawei tablet”,Because in terms of function optimization, the M5 has a huge room for improvement.Of course, they are all problems in the software ecology and can be solved through OTA in the later stage. Even though I have defined them according to high standards when discussing these deficiencies, they are actually at the head level of domestic Oems in terms of overall operation flow and intelligence level.At the beginning of my experience, I was first attracted not by this screen, but by the whole material level of M5. The surprise lies in that both the front and rear seats are made of high-grade Nappa leather, which is quite soft and fit.Not only in the seat, the whole central console, armrest box, and even the block handle are covered, seat heating/ventilation/massage/waist support and other functions, the car to create a high-grade atmosphere, then you understand yu Chengdong said at the press conference “comparable to millions of luxury”, here is not exaggerating.Materials was more than interior, I squatted down to see the chassis, ask world M5 also used before the double cross arm similar to the level of sports car, after the trapezoidal multi-link independent suspension, or even on the front suspension and BMW with double ball joint structure, in addition to this, ask world M5 all chassis, lightweight aluminum alloy in although we don’t know how the dynamic calibration results,But at least the base level of this chassis is very high.If huawei is only for the carriage to advanced intelligence, then we underestimate the power of huawei, ask world M5 this increases the power of the electric drive system, also from huawei DriveONE platform scheme, under the optimization of huawei, compared with the ideal ONE opponent, its various mechanical data have some advantages, such as 4.4 seconds 000 acceleration,More than 1100 km WLTC range, 41% range extender thermal efficiency and so on, this also gives a very high competitiveness in the class.Due to time constraints, this in-store experience can only be tasted, especially the most important dynamic, we cannot explain it to you for the time being. If we have the opportunity, we will also present its more complete product power.In my opinion, the M5 is more like a piece of the puzzle in Huawei’s ecosystem. HarmonyOS provides a way for it to connect mobile, smart wearables and other devices to cars. It really makes us feel the convenience of connected everything, even if you are an older parent user.After the experience may no longer think that the smart car is a “flashy” configuration, and if you are a deep user of Huawei, it may be a part of your intelligent life.