Xu Yiyang Huang Zitao love?Explain because there is no woman around, so can only hang the name of the couple with her

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If one two ten or even one hundred take off the powder back to step on can be said to be a personal problem, a large scale take off the powder back to step on really only fans of the problem?The highlights of the live broadcast so far are as follows: 1. Mutual dislike between fans is normal. 2.There is no need to use a blanket to raise a side shepherd. 4.6. It’s not my style not to like clarification. 7.The waves know what they need to know. If you don’t understand, don’t like me. The friends who accompany me are the most precious.I can tell the difference between Internet and reality 12. I don’t like to send lawyer’s letters 13.Didn’t sleep well, blamed me, couldn’t hold back his temper 15. Eleven years in the business, never hurt anyone 16.ACE You didn’t sleep happily in this cage 17.I’m going to have an operation to cut a sty tomorrow. 18. I’m not afraid of losing my powder until I open the live broadcast.HZT: No woman with me to hang CP, I don’t often hang, casually drag a person with you to hang (and then all the games are hung??HZT: I know a lot of my fans don’t like her either, they always scold each other (Xu Yiyang is really stupid, so every time it is your fans to find trouble and scold Xu Yiyang so ugly, due to the fact that she is your artist, Yang Si always put up with shame, once your fans are unhappy, they will be scolded.Who always gets in trouble are you fucking blind?You don’t care about anything?HZT: I like to take things as they come.HZT: “be I harm art ocean (you he also know grass you don’t want to stem oneself casually play love to talk about how many girl friend have no relation with me, that you” casually find a person “hang CP to do these things, you in the entertainment circle stayed so many years all white stay??I know the entertainment circle no matter straight false as long as spread a bit of information can be made up a flower, how many white by malicious touch black?Do you return him to find Xu Yiyang hang CP to others to send handle?Do you want to????That’s how you flatter artists.Ps: : I think he has a little bit of PUA attribute when dealing with fans?”Do you still don’t know what I am for so many years?” “Do you still don’t understand me for so long?” I don’t owe you anything.1 so big people, all day long to take their frank as a selling point, the results of their own work and how many things are in line with the people set?Is he huang Zitao still young?Doesn’t he know how to take responsibility for his actions?Whether it is not quality or true temperament depends on opinion.2 look at the big powder old powder to write a small composition, really heartbroken, he did brand fans catch when leek, he wants to take masterpiece, fan letter, and so on his works to his results, that really he has what circle masterpiece?3. If he really has feelings for his fans, he can’t say or do things like that. Is it difficult to avoid suspicion?How much of the card 8 result was hit by the waves, Huang Zitao. You really think you have a good vision and the explosion world revolves around you.Don’t love men, love men hapless three times.What kind of love is it?What he cares about is his responsibility, he is really in love with you open ah, while obscure deny the connotation, while doing the affair of lovers, once or twice is misunderstanding, then all kinds of clues?Do you really want to say that you respect your fans? They don’t deserve it. When You huang Zitao came back to China, it was your fans who supported you, not you who are awesome, not you who are destined to eat this bowl of rice.5. Huang Zitao, your star has been shining shamefully.Or is it that when you’re a big boss it doesn’t matter if you have fans or not, you’re just cold-blooded really.No one owes you anything.The most let a person speechless is to play QQ speed must lovers?Is being single a dog that can’t fly by car?Hot knowledge: the car does not have to be a real girl, girlfriends can play male number.But we should not focus too much on other people’s private life Like to like somebody else to talk about don’t fall in love or love and do not publish in fact and not too much fans after some star did fall in love, but should not ask all star completely transparent presented himself in public, and like the nature of a man willing to for him to get better.Instead of yelling at each other over some small thing.Sensible fans said: 1 everyone off the waves, thank you for so many years of company pay, also please you get together, be a passer-by or continue to watch towers, but please leave your last gentle, don’t step back!Thank you 2 passers-by who follow the wind black, please do not black for the sake of black, Tao and Waves own family affairs have nothing to do with you, pay attention to something you like, do not come to Tao’s square!Thank you!I just think that in the entertainment industry, you should at least do something, at least you should be worthy of your fans, and take good care of them, so that you can go further and further on this road.