Weifang Ecological Environment Bureau Linqu sub-district solid do four “articles” resolutely break “ten problems”

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In order to effectively solve the general concern of the masses, affecting the county high quality development of the “ten problems”, cohesion acceleration catching-up strong resultant force, Weifang Ecological environment Bureau Linqu branch solid do four “articles”, fast to carry out the “ten problems centralized rectification” activities, actively create wind qingqi is political ecology.First, we need to raise our political standing and fulfill our responsibilities.Hold special topic study mobilization meeting, study earnestly implement plan requirement, raise thought understanding, cogent will develop special rectification work to become each cadre worker’s conscious action.Rectification activities for the county ecological environment system of party members and cadres, especially key areas, key posts and key links of cadres, must adhere to the problem orientation, full self-inspection, the establishment of problem ledger, the formulation of rectification measures, clear rectification time limit.At present, 9 problems have been identified, which have been claimed by all departments and are being rectified.Second, establish the rule of law thinking, strengthen the bottom line article.Adhere to the bottom line of the law, strengthen the education of clean government, set up a solid line of defense against corruption, strengthen the party members and cadres clean politics, fulfill their duties, enthusiastic service, strict law enforcement, no trouble to law-abiding enterprises, the sword of illegal enterprises hanging high.Make full use of supervision and discipline enforcement “the first form”, conscientiously carry out clean government reminder conversation education, in view of environmental law enforcement, project approval and other key links of clean government, conscientiously implement the provisions of the construction of clean government, pay attention to timely reminder, prevent party members and cadres from small mistakes into big mistakes, effectively build a defense line from the source.This year, 12 party members and cadres have held heart-to-heart talks.Third, adhere to the problem – oriented, effective articles.Will work to solve the problem as a starting point, yong as, it is pragmatic, dare to bear, for ten problems involved in ecological environment protection problems, the problem earnestly comb, form the problem of accounting, formulate the corresponding solutions, in order to “strict” and “real” advance work standards, question earnestly rectification, doing renovation work, doing fine,We will ensure effective rectification of problems and ecological and environmental protection.Fourth, carry forward the spirit of struggle and do excellent work.Harmony is the struggle for, no struggle, no progress, ecological environmental protection must resolutely put an end to the invisible variation of the “four winds” problem.Advocating the work style of “strict, true, fine, real and fast”, conducting a major investigation, overhaul and cleaning of the defects of work style and behavior, and effectively improving the ability of ecological protection and environmental governance.Up to now, 1,380 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 460 enterprises have been investigated and fined 1.82 million yuan.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com