The four-episode poverty alleviation documentary “When Mountain Flowers Blossom in Bloom” will be broadcast on Sichuan TV

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Photo: The four-episode social poverty alleviation documentary “The Flowering of Mountains and Flowers” broadcast news of people’s Life (special correspondent Liang Wenhua, Liu Lihua, Hu Fa, Huang Guomiao) The reporter learned from the TV documentary “the flowering of Mountains and Flowers” broadcast news conference held in Chengdu on February 18:A four-episode TV documentary on poverty alleviation in Sichuan will be broadcast on Sichuan TV’s Sichuan Rural Channel from February 21 to 24.Photo: Zou Tao, chief planner of documentary Mountain Flowers in Full Bloom, introduces the original intention, purpose, significance and basic ideas of filming.Director of documentary “when the snowcapped entie introduced the characteristics and situation four TV documentary snowcapped which by the sichuan provincial party committee propaganda department, sichuan rural development bureau direction of topics, from western poverty alleviation resources development center in sichuan province, sichuan red boat culture media co., LTD., sichuan David hin industry co., LTD., joint production,It is the only epic documentary reflecting poverty alleviation in Sichuan Province.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Sichuan has vigorously implemented the action of “Hand in hand to build a moderately prosperous society”, and widely mobilized all social forces to participate in poverty alleviation.By building platforms for social participation and innovating ways of social assistance, we have created a vivid situation in which “when everyone adds wood to the fire, the flame will grow high”.Over the past eight years, social forces have pooled into a mighty force driving poverty alleviation and prosperity.The gathering of love and kindness fully demonstrates the great love of mankind and the core socialist values.Centering on the theme of winning the battle against poverty and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the documentary focuses on the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in Sichuan province, objectively narrates the touching stories of social poverty alleviation with the vision of ordinary people, truly shows the vivid practice of social forces participating in poverty alleviation from different aspects, and enthusiastically praises the great spirit of poverty alleviation.The TV documentary “Mountain Flowers In Bloom” consists of four episodes, each 45 minutes, collecting 22 typical cases of social poverty alleviation in Sichuan Province.The first part is an education chapter, which records the stories of the cooperation between the east and the west in preschool education and poverty alleviation, and the intergenerational transmission of poverty with knowledge in liangshan and other ethnic minority areas. It mainly shows the gratifying achievements of the “Dongliang Project” and the “100 Workers and technicians Project”.The second part is about health. Starting from focusing on life and health, it shows the poverty alleviation actions of all sectors of society, such as providing medical and technical support for the “three prefectures” area, treating the poor with critical and special diseases, improving the nutrition structure and improving the living environment.The third part is the industrial part, which vividly tells the story of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises shouldering social responsibilities and driving villagers to get rid of poverty. Meanwhile, it reflects the new situation of poverty alleviation in some deeply impoverished areas.The fourth set is self-improvement, including the typical case of “supporting the mind and wisdom”, telling the vivid story of the people in Sichuan declaring war against poverty and creating a happy life with both hands.It is understood that in order to complete the filming task of this TV documentary, the film team lasted a year, traveling tens of thousands of kilometers, in-depth puge, Litang, Gulin and other 20 counties (districts), shooting the original material for nearly 50 hours.Industry insiders believe that the documentary “Mountain Flowers in Full Bloom” has a true story and simple characters. It responds to the theme of The Times by looking at the small and seeing the big. It is down-to-earth and hot TV documentary, and also a rare “image chronicle” of sichuan’s social poverty alleviation work.