Never penny wise and pound foolish

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A common oil on the car is brake oil, also known as brake fluid, its role is to the driver of the brake pedal force, transferred to the brake pump on each wheel, push the brake pad to produce braking force to slow the vehicle to stop.Although its working principle is simple, it has some requirements and features in use.Because the brake system is relying on friction to work, so when the brake system works, friction will make the brake instantaneous temperature rise quickly, the continuous working temperature will be higher, like the continuous braking of family vehicles, the temperature of the brake pad may reach 500-600 degrees, and the temperature of the brake oil will not be low.Therefore, brake oil is required to have a certain high temperature resistance, and it also needs to have good flow characteristics in order to be able to transmit power well.In order to meet the requirements and characteristics of brake oil, limited by the production process and manufacturing cost at the present stage, brake oil will have some characteristics, which we can also understand as insurmountable shortcomings.1, brake oil is seriously corrosive, it is easy to make the paint off the car body, people’s skin injury.Different brands of brake oil have different formulations. If different brake oil is added, it is impossible to determine what kind of chemical reaction will occur, which may corrode the internal pipeline of the brake system over time.If there is a failure to solve it is more complex, their own use of security risks, repair people are also very headache.2, brake oil has a strong hygroscopicity, it will absorb water in the air, although the brake system is very good sealing, but also can not completely isolated from the outside world.The high temperature of the brake system will make the water in the brake oil gasification at 100 degrees, if too much water will seriously affect the braking effect.Therefore, it is necessary to replace the brake oil regularly to avoid this situation.At present, the quality grade of brake oil equipped with family vehicles is HZY4 (DOT4).Hzy4 is a Chinese standard and DOT4 is an American standard.Some users think the brake fluid level in high must good to vehicles, but in fact change the higher grades of brake oil alone is not helpful to the promotion of vehicle performance, in the higher ranks of the advantage of the brake fluid is improves the brake fluid of high temperature resistance, but its moisture absorption will be stronger, the corresponding change cycle will be shortened.Under normal circumstances, there is no shortage of brake oil. We just need to replace the brake oil regularly as recommended in the vehicle operation manual.If there is too little brake oil on the instrument is generally there are two situations: 1, brake pad is too thin;2. There is leakage in the brake system.In both cases, time must be taken for a professional examination.