Foreign Ministry: The WAR crimes committed by the US in Syria are just the tip of the iceberg of its militarism around the world

2022-06-12 0 By

In today (28), the foreign ministry regular press conference this afternoon, have a reporter’s question: we have noticed that the Syrian foreign ministry recently issued a statement strongly condemned the United States and its support of “the Syrian army” democracy in Syria hasse g in the northeast province of action, accused of killing civilians and massive destruction of infrastructure and lead to tens of thousands of displaced families.The Syrian side said in a statement that the actions of the US forces and the Syrian Democratic Army amounted to war crimes and crimes against humanity, and urged the US to immediately withdraw its troops from northeastern Syria.What is the spokesperson’s comment on this?In response, Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that the Syrian crisis has entered its 11th year, and the US military intervention in Syria has never stopped, which has inflicted untold sufferings on the Syrian people and caused a tragic humanitarian disaster.It has never been forgotten that in 2017, the US launched air strikes on Syria based on false intelligence that the White Helmets had staged a video.That year, the U.S. military killed 1,600 civilians in what it called “the most accurate air strike in history” on Raqqa, Syria.In September 2019, the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria reported that some AIR strikes carried out by the US in Syria were indiscriminate attacks that did not distinguish between military targets and civilians, seriously violating international law and suspected of war crimes.Zhao lijian said the WAR crimes committed by the United States in Syria are just the tip of the iceberg of its militarism around the world.In Iraq, the illegal invasion by United States forces not only caused the death and injury of thousands of civilians, but also left some 25 million landmines and other explosive remnants.In Afghanistan, U.S. forces have caused more than 100,000 civilian casualties and led to the wild growth of opium and other drugs.According to a survey conducted by Brown University, 897,000 to 929,000 people have died as a direct result of war violence and more than 38 million people have become refugees or displaced from their homes as a result of the “counter-terrorism” operations carried out by the US in 85 countries and regions over the past 20 years.”The US side should seriously investigate these serious crimes, severely punish the perpetrators and those who covered them up, and demonstrate its sincerity to change its course with concrete actions.”(CCTV reporter Shen Yang Yang Yi) Program editor: Gu Wanquan Zhang Wu The author: CCTV news editor: Cao Fei