Clean, one’s best card

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Montesquieu said: beauty must be pure, pure, in appearance, and even more so in mind.Pure eyes, to see the beautiful scenery;Clean mind, can have pure feelings.People have clean air, elegant.To be clean is a topic throughout life.From the beginning of the birth of a newborn, it is to eat, drink, poop, sleep and clean care, and thus form a lifetime of health habits.If there are more clean people in a place, the environment of the place will be more clear and refreshing.Because we act on their duty, each division of their responsibilities, open and aboveboard, the rules and regulations, the things to do must do, should not do things must not do, natural and simple love, peace of heart, good weather.Not long ago, an uncle in Hangzhou revealed that a young couple next door asked the housekeeper to clean up their room before leaving, subverting his view of young people.Whether a person is clean or not, fresh geometry, through the ages is an important yardstick of its civilized quality.After years of research at Harvard Business School, successful people who are happy tend to have clean, tidy homes.The unfortunate ones, on the other hand, often live in chaos and squalor.Life is like a journey, full of difficulties and surprises.As for why people should be clean, but it takes a considerable life experience to figure out, to understand.In fact, the answer is neither esoteric nor mysterious: a clean appearance is a clear mark that distinguishes man from animals, while a pure heart is the fundamental difference between man and animals.A truly clean person must have seen the complexity and darkness of the world, and also experienced the troubles and romance of the secular world.A man with a clean heart remains innocent, and therefore appears young.Writer Mu Xin said: the real maturity is that you can still separate your heart from the world after you have experienced too many things.Enjoy life without wallow, experience desolation without negativity.For 20 years, from 1957 to 1978, Mu Xin was imprisoned several times.While in prison, he suffered terribly and had two fingers broken.His jailer thought, “This boy will have to crawl out of prison.”When wood heart is released from prison, it is still clean and bright, with a firm waist, and straight pants.When the writer Liang Wendao saw the picture of Mu Xin as a young man, he couldn’t help lamenting that he looked so determined and energetic, it didn’t look like a man who had been in prison.Clean, simple, innocent, natural, to a certain age, “clean” will be transformed into “elegant”, which is a return to the nature of the charm of personality.Clean is not only temperament, but also a valuable quality, which is not a kind of years of reward?Being clean and behaving is the bottom line.With this bottom line, we can hold up more of our authenticity and stay away from more vanity.It is difficult to hold such a bottom line, and it is not difficult to say.The old monk took the young monk down the mountain to beg for alms. Passing by a river, he saw a little daughter-in-law who dared not cross the river and stood by the river in a hurry.Out of compassion, the old monk carried his daughter-in-law across the river.When the young monk saw all this, his ears turned red.After crossing the river, the old monk continued on his way as if nothing had happened.The small monk puzzled to walk more than 10 li ground, finally could not help but, ask: “master, monk when all is empty, obey the rules and regulations, you just as if nothing had happened back that woman across the river, but is why?”The old monk smiled and said, “I carried her across the river and set her down. What about you?After thinking all the way on your heart, you say, whose tomb is not clear?”Li Zhi said, the husband of childlike innocence, absolutely false innocence, the original heart of a read also.A person with a clean heart, who does not think about his words and deeds with a complicated and worldly heart, and who does not deviate from worldly standards, will naturally have less trouble worrying about nothing.Life is simple, live in the present, the past life and the next life are not scheduled, now all we have is this life.From today on, I wish you a clean life, clean work.Be yourself and follow your heart.Feng Zikai, a famous painter and writer, once said: Since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be silly;Since there is no escape, as joy;Since there is no pure land, as meditation;Since there is no wish, let it go.With a clean heart to face the complexity of things, keep pure, keep simple, so.