Bank of Binzhou makes all-out efforts in cross-border financial services during epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-12 0 By

Shandong, March 24 (CNMACRO) — Recently, in the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, Bank of Binzhou quickly responded to the financial anti-epidemic work requirements of its superior bank and regulatory authorities, overcame difficulties and took multiple measures to make all-out efforts to hit the “combination fist” of cross-border financial services during the epidemic prevention and control period, effectively ensuring the continuity of cross-border financial services.Enable Office on the Cloud.With the help of enterprise wechat and telephone communication, the bank provides customers with “one-to-one” remote guidance for business handling, and continues to promote the construction of a new mode of online and offline collaborative services.At the same time, special personnel will be organized to carefully check whether payment by l/C and payment by BILL are affected by the epidemic, make a house-to-house phone call to confirm fund arrangements, and communicate with enterprises in advance to ensure timely repayment.Build “middle speed”.The bank gives full play to its expertise in cross-border finance, pays close attention to foreign exchange policies and the trend of US dollar exchange rate, and creates a “fast track” for foreign exchange business.It has solved the problem of inconvenient passage for customers due to the epidemic, provided electronic document review service for customers, and avoided the situation that customers could not provide materials due to isolation at home and delay cross-border business processing.Practice “finance for the people”.The bank actively practices the concept of “finance for the people”. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has handled 21 export documents for enterprises with a total amount of 2.05 million US dollars.3 large cross-border RMB transactions, totaling 986 million yuan;2 large settlement and sale of foreign exchange, totaling 176 million USD;The bill was discounted 70 million yuan.More than 30 special financial funds were allocated for Binzhou city, and more than 6.4 million yuan of funds were distributed on behalf of binzhou City.To contribute financial strength to the concerted fight against the epidemic and tide over difficulties together.Edited by Sun Ge reviewed by Li Shan