A 20-year tour guide who turned to food delivery: It’s not people who give your face, it’s life

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Dong shuxue is one of many tour guides who have turned to food delivery as the tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic.The difference is that in between delivering food, Dong also played short videos and shared his daily work routine on Douyin @ Shanren Bookstore, which received many likes.As the leader of the tour guide group of Lijiang United Holidays Travel Service, Dong shuxue initially wanted to encourage his colleagues through short videos, but he didn’t think much about anything else.Some people saw the gold medal tour guide’s short video and asked, “Teacher Dong, why did you go to deliver food?Dong shuxue answered truthfully: Because I can’t go on.In 2018, Dong Shuxue won the title of “Gold Medal” tour guide of Lijiang City. He has been doing tourism for 20 years, but he did not expect that one day he would be a salesman.But really do, Dong Shuxue found that there is nothing to put down.After all, “it’s not people who give you your face, it’s life, and you can’t let it go, and life will beat you to nothing.”From the golden tour guide to the delivery boy, what exactly has he experienced?The following is dong Shuxue’s self-statement.I also did insurance before switching to food delivery, but not for long.Last November, I started to do take-out, and it’s been more than 2 months now.I am a little different from other tour guides. If you are a local tour guide, there is still food at home if you don’t cook after work stops. I come from Baoshan, Yunnan province, and my wife and I have families on both sides relying on us.I have been in Lijiang since 2000. I have been studying in Lijiang Institute of Education (now Lijiang Teachers college) and have been working as a tour guide since my sophomore year.After graduation, because my family is from the countryside, considering the actual situation of the family, I stayed in Lijiang to earn my own living.In 2002, tourism in Lijiang had developed, and there were more than 1000 tour guides in Lijiang by the time of our training.My philosophy in leading Tours has always been that when visitors come, you have to give them not only an appreciation of the beauty of the place, but also an insight into the place.To this end, I often go to the old city to talk to the old people, and tell them the story of the old city, learn the cultural heritage of the city, and make myself more like the local people than the local people.In 2003, when I was leading a tour group, I met a Hong Kong man, an old lady in her 60s.At that time, MY clothes were relatively shabby, and I looked like a standard poor boy.Because I don’t have much experience in leading a group, I don’t have any skills, and I almost just play with them. I didn’t earn any money, so I didn’t pay much attention to them.The old lady saw that my clothes were too shabby, so she gave me 500 yuan and told me to dress better.It makes me feel warm and worthwhile.And then I did it. I did it for 20 years.In 20 years of leading tour groups, I have only returned 2 pieces of goods, and it is because the goods are defective. Most of the other times, they are praised.However, the market is constantly changing, and so is our revenue approach.In fact, tour guide industry transformation of a lot, but the success of rare.As a tour guide for so many years and in contact with so many guests, my feeling is that others experience, not you can understand, must be experienced you will understand.Others say how hard and tired, you have not experienced is not understand.The pandemic is the biggest test.When the epidemic came, the tour guide industry was almost destroyed.On January 24, 2020, I was still leading a tour group. As soon as the epidemic stopped, I went to see off tourists. At that time, we could not buy train tickets, so we bought air tickets to send the guests to Kunming and came back.At that time, people did not have much consciousness, thinking, “anyway, the country told me to sleep and sleep,” and went home to rest.I didn’t expect the outbreak to last this long.The summer vacation of 2020 is ok, and there will be group Tours when tourism resumes.The worst thing is that last year, coupled with the epidemic in Ruili, Yunnan stopped cross-provincial tourism, almost before the peak tourism season.Anyway, just a few days later, here we go again.At this time, the instability of the tour guide career appeared, many people began to panic.There has been a lot of panic, a lot of complacency, a lot of reporting, a lot of awareness that something bigger is coming.In July 2021, it was very clear to me.Because our biggest expectations are in July and August, we know the summer vacation is over.Unlike SARS, which will end in two or three months, the epidemic has become normal.Not long ago, I had my second child, and I didn’t have enough room to live in. So I sold my house and moved to a bigger apartment.In 2019, I also opened a restaurant in Huama Street, with more than 20 employees. I had to pay 70,000 to 80,000 yuan a month and rent more than 400,000 yuan a year. The pressure was overwhelming.The hardest thing to deal with is the uncertainty of the epidemic and policy.Two days later, the restaurant opens, we have to hire people, and a few days later, we say we are closing, and we have to let the staff rest.One move at a time. It’s hard.I did it for a few months and then I stopped.In November 2021, I laid off all but two of my restaurant employees.When I opened the restaurant, I thought about making more money, but when I opened it, I realized that the biggest problem was to feed all the employees.Why did it take so long to let them go?Partly because I don’t know when things are going to get better, but partly because people have been with me for a long time and have trusted me, and I hate to disappoint them.It takes almost half a year for an employee to go through training, adaptation and getting used to these steps from finding a job to getting his salary. Therefore, he made these decisions with great determination.The epidemic has come, and the scariest thing for tour guides is two things.One is a blank mind with no thoughts at all.There is also action power, a lot of things just want to stay, do not act.I think “just thinking” is scary, too.A lot of such people around me are still idle. Many of them are afraid of wolves before and tigers after. They are afraid of being disadvantaged in everything they do.In fact, nothing is highly profitable, and even if there is, it is not our turn.When I was working as a tour guide in 2002, I didn’t think I would have to change my career to be a salesman.To be honest, I didn’t even think about buying a house or a car at that time.I did take-out for the first two months.At that time, my wife and I did a calculation, to calculate the income and cost of running away from home.When I’m idle, I not only have no income, I spend money, and most importantly, I waste my time. The total cost of these three things is very high.But when I go out to sell, I not only get income, but also spend less money and use my time.My wife is to do finance, this respect sees very clearly.What’s more, if you go on like this, not only will time be wasted, but you will gradually become depressed.I go out to sell, so even if I can only run 3000 yuan a month, according to my previous consumption situation, it is equal to say to earn 6000 yuan.How to calculate?That is, my monthly expenditure is about 3000 yuan. Now if I go out to sell, I not only reduce my expenditure, but also have income, so it is a profit.Put it another way.When travel resumes, even if I don’t continue to do takeout, I have far more to talk about with my guests, so am I more likely to be a good guest than others?Some people ask me, said Teacher Dong, you have taken a lot of honors in the industry, now run to deliver food, can you put it down?I asked him, does this honor have anything to do with what you do?I figured since I was going out, I’d do a good job, a good job.Even if I change my career in the future, I will do it well.It’s not persistence, it’s how can I say, unyielding, that’s what it feels like.Working for many years, part of the honor of Dong Shuxue just started to go out to sell, MY heart is actually very upset, the first three days want to cry.Find the address to find you want to cry, timeout was scolded also want to cry.Wake up at 6 am, start running at 7 am and finish at 11 PM.Come back at noon to eat some rice, eat rice to run early, run two more single is two single.If I work harder, I can run till 2 a.m.But I’m 40 years old, I’m not as good as those young people, and it’s not worth it to get sick, so I go to bed before 12.As a takeaway, I don’t know many neighborhoods.The village is not afraid, the most afraid is the village, more than 30 jump to more than 100, you do not know where the middle of the number.On one occasion, it was 200 meters away from the destination, and THEN I called the guest for help. The guest told you one sentence, “I don’t know”, and it was so terrible that he had to pick up the car even after overtime.On the first day, I went out to sell food and took out food. I found this job was quite boring. Every day, I repeated these actions, picking up food, delivering food, and then delivering the next single.The work is summed up mainly two words, one is “urgent”, one is “hold back”.Businesses do not give you a meal anxious half dead, deeply understand what is time is efficiency;Hold back when taking the meal, take the meal afraid of food spilled, cold, guests are not satisfied, worry are held in the heart.The most afraid of is overtime, make mistakes, a few days ago I was.That day, I ran for 170 yuan and lost 64 yuan for the wrong food, because the merchant did not write down the number, so I had to pay for the wrong food.It came to more than 100 yuan, but the merchant gave me a discount.In addition to these expenses, we also have to consider the cost of replacing the battery, we use street charging unit, 259 a month.If you don’t have an electric car, consider the cost of renting a car.These are all costs. They’re all accounted for.Sometimes I run like crazy.I got seven orders at the most, and one from Old Town, you had to walk in with your food, and you were so upset about that.If you’re a little grumpy, it’s probably not about making money, it’s about making money.After running for more than 2 months, I have run 44 singles as high as POSSIBLE, which is already very difficult.This result is medium in the rider, single king is about 50-60 singles.Now people go home for the Spring Festival, fewer riders, the list is not so much.I once met a tourist with my tour group, who learned that Dong Shuxue was selling outside, and gave him a set of cold protection equipment. In my opinion, this era has changed, and you should keep up with the trend of The Times. If you can’t keep up, you will be eliminated.I never wanted to be famous for tiktok.What I want to share is that I am already saving myself. I am no worse or better than many people, but I am already saving myself.Every day after delivering food, I often summarize how not to make the same mistakes, how to make the delivery more efficient, and how to run more orders.After all, you love what you do. If you find something to do, do it well.Besides, I don’t see a reason not to.And the biggest thing about going out is that it’s made me more practical.I used to think of nothing in my head. I constructed a lot of things in an unconstrained way. Now I won’t draw a big pie any more.For me, it’s good to go out and sell. It’s like pouring cold water on me, making me more awake.Before I did it, I read on the news that the delivery boy made 10,000 or 20,000 yuan a month.Run a single 5 yuan, a monthly income of more than 10,000 at least to run more than 1800 single, now think, is simply impossible.Dong Shuxue was caught in a hailstorm in the winter when he went out for sale.It’s snowing these days, your fingers are freezing in the morning, but you still have to go.The most important thing about going out is to work hard.But I would say that going out to sell also relieved my anxiety and smoothed a lot of my stuff, leaving me no time to think about it.Without time you will not go to disorderly thinking, will not be disorderly planning, disorderly cost.As for the food delivery profession, my deepest understanding is that no industry is easy, and no industry is easy. I respect every profession.After the outbreak, tour guides have been most affected.I started to lead a tour group in 2002. After so many years, I found that when the epidemic came, no one spoke up for you.Especially like our age of tour guides, the elderly and children, some have mortgage car loans to pay, especially great pressure.In addition to helplessness, sometimes there is a feeling of loneliness, that there is no one to solve these problems with you, many people are going their own way.I couldn’t talk to anyone about these things, so I made short videos to share these things, to say to my friends in the same industry, if no one can save you, save yourself.If you can’t wait, you have to do your own thing.In fact, BEFORE the pandemic, I had been experimenting with short videos, trying to take a different path, because you don’t know the road ahead.I tried video number, watermelon video, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou and so on, and finally chose Douyin.I didn’t know anything at first, even the basics of making videos.But I wanted to change, and I paid for it.The original idea was to share my explanation on the network in a segmented manner, so that others could pay attention to the group of tour guides. As for how to realize these resources in the future, I have not thought about it.I think The Times have changed, you have to keep up with The Times, if you don’t keep up, you will be out.I never wanted to be famous for tiktok.What I want to share is that I am already saving myself. I am no worse or better than many people, but I am already saving myself.I am the leader of the tour guide group of Lijiang United Holiday travel agency. There are many little brothers around me. What you see from me is inspirational.Through these things, I want to tell them, “Even I am on the run, you have something to put down.”Maybe I’m nothing in the big world, but in my group I want to give them some encouragement.In terms of making short videos, I experienced many attempts, listened to many suggestions from my friends and tried different directions.Because it’s not about “WHAT I think”, it’s about the actual data.But if you spend time and money, you’re more likely to agree.So far, I feel good about the short video, the best is to bring a little positive energy to the people around me and my team members.Finally, I would like to say to my friends, try to get through this period, believe in the country, wait for spring flowers, we work hard together.We must believe that our future is certain.I think it’s good. The best part is that it brings some positive energy to the people around me and my team members.Finally, I would like to say to my friends, try to get through this period, believe in the country, wait for spring flowers, we work hard together.We must believe that our future is certain.