To our lost county, the new first-tier city is your home forever

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Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen account for only 0.33 percent of the country’s total area, and the new first-tier cities account for only 3 percent.In the remaining 97 percent of the land, there are about 300 prefecture-level cities, 3,000 counties, 40,000 townships and 660,000 villages.About 84 percent of the country’s population spends and grows here.No county can never!The county is the statistics to the “city” concept to go.China’s urbanization rate, including county seats, is just over half.To call the county town “grassroots” is like calling the “world outside the Fifth Ring Road” a “sinking market”, which is to ignore and betray the unurbanized half of China.Of the national population, the number of people living in cities and towns was 90,1991,162, accounting for 63.89%.County towns tend to be the places with the strongest fireworks and where many people grow up with family and friends.For many displaced people, there is beauty there that they can never return to.In 1994, the people’s Road in Kunshan was made of cement, mainly relying on Taiwan to attract investment. For an international phone call, the Kunshan government specially rented one for them, and the rent was paid by the government, which spent a lot of money.Later, the land was full of Taiwanese factories, more factories, more outsiders.With suzhou and Shanghai close to each other, Kunshan built roads as soon as it had money, but could not afford loans.Until last year, Kunshan had a budget surplus of 37.5 billion yuan.A county town of 60 square kilometers.Kunshan is very inspiring, because I saw that ten years ago, there were Taiwanese shops on Huanghe Road. Now Kunshan is rich, and Taiwanese people have traveled a lot.The factory was also demolished a lot.Capital differentiation is very serious, the poor is ordinary people, the rich are relocated households and the previous development of Kunshan do civil engineering outsiders.Do not recommend everyone to play, settle down is ok, the house price is not expensive.The environment facilities are very good, the subway will be fully open soon.The viaduct is already building the outer ring road.The people from the so-called “big families” defined in Zhongxian introduced that although the southeast coast and Henan were separated by hundreds of thousands of miles, the political ecology at that time was not much different.But that will change, because this generation is generally either going abroad or going to the first and second tier cities, and a large number of ordinary people’s children are injecting new blood into small city offices.It’s not a big problem to go back to the school after graduation, but I don’t want to go back. My friends who grew up together almost all ran away.Inland county what kind of house in the small county is cheap, other all kinds of inconvenience, too few shopping stores, brand stores and no discount or old style, fashion clothes are not good;Food is not delicious and expensive, there are no restaurants to eat, and you can’t buy all the ingredients to make your own food.See a small fault, registration is more expensive than 3 armour hospital, the result treats more serious.The consumption level is much higher than the income level, to go to a public institution must rely on connections, or they can be admitted to the civil servant or teacher, or in a small county, no money, no power, no status, it is better to work in the bottom of the grassroots in a big city.It’s not worth it to spend money in a small county because it’s not worth it. There’s no service for eating out, no coupons, no deductions, and no wool for consumption.Many people prefer to stay in first-tier cities and try their best to buy a suite. There are too many social contacts in my hometown and I like to keep up with the Joneses. I don’t like going to relatives.Still have which day I really mix not to go on, a line house is hard currency, take in the hand can rise, sold to get millions, go back home full money can buy two or three sets, my home this year house price also fell.There is always a fallback.As for those who can’t afford to buy a house, it can work hard in first-tier cities to save money, and then go back home to buy a house, how also easier than to save money to buy a house in their hometown, as for those who can’t save money in a line, too expensive rent, you won’t live almost, live far point?Home is comfortable, but low income, consumption is not very cheap, their hometown a good place, is low prices, to buy a house is easy, but to buy ah does not go up, the other can also can’t think of better place than a line in the future if children want to the development of big cities, the graduation don’t know to sell a few suite to reach in their hometown, so I don’t know a new line had tired of the jokes.