Taiyuan Yingze District Market Supervision Bureau took multiple measures to prevent and control the epidemic during the Qingming Festival

2022-06-11 0 By

At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Taiyuan is grim. In order to effectively protect people’s health, consolidate the epidemic prevention and control achievements, and strictly implement the national, provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control and work safety arrangements, the staff of all departments of The Market Supervision Administration of Yingze District of Taiyuan stick to their posts during the Qingming Festival.We will strengthen the prevention and control work at farmers’ markets, imported cold-chain food, retail pharmacies, and imported medical devices on a regular basis, and firmly build a defense line against the epidemic in market supervision to ensure market safety and order and stability.First of all, personnel intensive places such as shopping malls and farmers’ markets should maintain the intensity of control during emergencies to ensure that the effectiveness of prevention and control is not compromised or reduced.The market side shall measure the temperature, scan the site code and supervise the employees and the masses to wear masks throughout the market operation period.Refuse to enter the market for those who are not well and those with red and yellow codes, register and report in time, and ensure that those with risk are blocked out of the market.It is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure that problems are identified and resolved as soon as possible, that they are prepared and that risks are under control.Secondly, for imported cold chain food, implement dynamic management of cold storage record books, strengthen daily supervision and management, focus on inspection of imported frozen food “traceability code”, and resolutely prevent smuggling of cold chain food into the market.Finally, strengthen the monitoring of “sentinel points” of pharmacies. During the Qingming Festival, yingze District Market Supervision Administration centralized supervision forces to carry out a full coverage inspection of pharmacies in the area, strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and control of retail pharmacies, and resolutely put an end to the behavior of not registering the information of drug buyers as required, late reporting and missing reporting.Up to now, yingze District Market Supervision administration has dispatched 98 groups of supervision and inspection teams, with more than 480 law enforcement personnel, supervising and inspecting more than 2,180 market entities.Among them, there are 86 supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other intensive places, more than 1,960 food trading units and 131 drug trading units.Some business owners have been ordered to rectify the problems, such as irregular wearing of masks, failure to provide temperature records and failure to set up one-meter noodles at the cash register. Due to inadequate epidemic prevention and control, 2 businesses have been closed down.In order to ensure the price stability of epidemic prevention materials and important livelihood commodities in the jurisdiction, law enforcement officers inspected price gouging.In the next step, Yingze District Market Supervision Bureau will further consolidate the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen the investigation and punishment of all kinds of illegal behaviors, severely punish pharmacies and farmers’ markets for failing to implement epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the law, and maintain good market order during the Qingming Festival with strong law enforcement.