She was the most miserable emperor of the Qing Dynasty. After her death, she was degraded and could not be buried in the imperial tomb!

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She was the successor of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, who ruled the harem for many years. Finally, due to the emotional discord with the emperor, she cut off her hair and became the last dignified woman in the court.In the feudal dynasty, the status of women is the highest but the queen, the empress dowager, the mother of the world.However, their life is doomed to be miserable!Young girls in the prime of their lives, and because of court etiquette, there were also families of great importance who sent them to court to consolidate their family power.From then on, their fate, and red brick, and that full of hatred of the imperial city can no longer be separated, can only be reduced to the rulers of the birth machine!Even being an emperor’s wife was not exactly bliss.Qianlong’s first wife, Fu Cha-shi, had been at his side since he was still in the palace.Due to the constraints of her status, she must first fulfill her status and obligations as a princess.She had to manage the affairs of the royal palace, attend to the royal father’s mother in the morning and in the evening, receive the worship of other rooms in the palace, fulfill her duties as a wife, considerate care for the royal father, care for her husband.Under such long-term pressure, even a normal person will inevitably have certain emotional or physical effects.Sure enough, the son of a rich examine with qianlong prince and princess are young die young, after a barrage of hope and disappointment, hit the spate of strikes, qianlong will also feel sad, but he can also have other brother princess, and so many concubines is more looking forward to a child with him, but, the rich was made in the surname is ultimately can’t stand such a blow,In the depression again and again, come to the end of life……After experiencing the death of his wife, Qianlong had also been missing all day, there would be no second Fucha family in the world!But emperor Qianlong, who was in the prime of his life and possessed many concubines, quickly recovered from the sad experience.Later, he also cultivated the whole Qing dynasty to be proud of the five elder brother Yongqi!And his harem life was even richer.He has lived a gallant life, worthy of the status of emperor.Later, due to the vacancy in the middle palace, he followed the advice of the Empress Dowager and appointed the princess Uranara as his successor.In history, the record about this successor, the first is their emperor empress two people’s dog food.Since ulana after the succession, she and Qianlong’s feelings are getting better and better.Three children were born in the space of three years, and by the time of her last birth, Ulanarath was already 38 years old, which shows the emperor’s affection for her.When The Ulanara family was pregnant with their first child, Qianlong gave the pomegranate as a special gift, implying that many children are blessed. It can be seen that Qianlong was very eager for their first child to be a direct descendant of the emperor.This time, Qianlong finally got his wish!This was not his first legitimate child, but it was the only one who lived.When he saw the boy, he was so excited that he immediately named him Yongji, which meant that he wanted him to take over the country.Random also compose a poem, by the grand bachelor evaluation.This is a typical boss asking for rainbow fart!Later, due to qianlong’s amorous feelings, he was unable to extricate himself from his love for other countries to pay tribute to the beauty, and even in the process of many trips, nostalgia for the romantic women in the land of fireworks.Especially on the way around the parade, the officials along the way specially cultivate their own lady, for a time rouge gouda unexpectedly appeared to buy up the phenomenon, it seems that everyone wants to get qianlong’s attention through this way!Have to say, although this hobby of Qianlong promoted the development of cosmetic industry, but also formed a very bad atmosphere!Later, Ulanara shi suddenly cut her hair in the parade. In ancient times, Manchu women meant to curse her husband and mother-in-law and so on, which was a great act of disrespect.Qianlong also immediately send a person to demobilize her back to the palace, as to what experienced, insufficient official record.But the emperor was too cruel!Even after the death of Ulana Na shi, it was reduced to the imperial concubine rites buried, it is the most miserable empress in the history of the Qing Dynasty!