No mediation!Xu Min kaifeng trip details exposure, hand in hand with Li Shengpan two lawyers, strive for the truth

2022-06-11 0 By

In recent days, Xu Min and others’ trip to Kaifeng has attracted a lot of people’s attention.In particular, Li Sheng and Panke lawyer appeared at the same time, but also let the outside world to speculate whether the February 8 event ushered in a new turning point.On February 18, Xu minyao’s father and two lawyers appeared at the court. After several hours of internal communication, they left the court and drove away immediately.There was no word on where the case was headed.But silence does not mean there is no good news.Some netizens informed of the news, seems to prove that this trip to Kaifeng, there will be a big action.According to the netizen, in addition to Xu Min and his party, Du Xinzhi sent Xie Lv, who had appeared in the 918 trial before, to the meeting on February 18.The lawyer has also been hailed as a hero by Du xinzhi’s supporters, as the results of the 918 trial have so far been murky.After Xu Min arrived in Kaifeng, he put forward to invite Xu Min and others to dinner and tea, chat about the case, but were rejected by Xu Min.This trip to Kaifeng, Xu Min’s attitude is very clear, refused to accept mediation, just want a truth.During the meeting, several people had a heated discussion around the core point of the February 8 incident.For example, how yao Wei was mistakenly held, and to whom was the baby given?Since it was a mistake, the hospital proved it was full of loopholes, and could you give a reasonable explanation?In the face of Xu Min side prepared, Xie Law is obviously panicked, can only vaguely answer, will continue to verify the relevant content and the parties.There are also rumors that Du sent a message to Xu min, asking her to withdraw the lawsuit, but was refused.Although the rumor has not been confirmed, it also shows that Du xinzhi was not as calm as xu Min appeared on the live broadcast. Meanwhile, Xu Min and Yao’s father also submitted a lot of evidence to the court during the trip to Kaifeng.Although we do not know the specific content of the evidence, it seems that there are new investigation results on Du Xinzhi’s side or the pharmacy.And to yao Ce’s death, although lie between a year, Xu Min still feels aggrieved.Especially when Yao Ce was seriously ill and needed a liver transplant, Du Xinzhi refused.Now her son, whom she had raised for 28 years, died, and her own son was also delayed by Du xinzhi.Such a blow, I am afraid, is not time can repair.Therefore, this is also the reason why Xu Min refused mediation and demanded the truth.Just after the Spring Festival, Xu Min gathered in Kaifeng, want to be ready for the event.After arriving, she and Yao dad and Pan law chat about the case of the picture has also been exposed.On camera, the couple listen carefully to Pank’s lawyer.In front of, a stack of materials, also explained xu Min this period of time to not easy.After going to court on 18 days ago, Xu Min and Yao’s father also got a rare rest time.We walked around Kaifeng together, the ancient city which once recorded many memories of Xu Min is still full of vitality.After the Spring Festival, it is a brand new spring.Perhaps, this two – year – long entanglement is also drawing to a close.