How did my friend get into the teacher’s program

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Many new teachers want to work in public schools, but the exam system is getting harder.In the last two years, the number of the army is increasing. I’m here to talk about the experience of a friend of mine.My friend did not want to be a teacher when he graduated from high school, so he chose a non-teacher’s major.Despite her parents’ advice, she just didn’t want to go.When she was in college, she worked as a tutor for college students and became interested in teaching. She got a teaching certificate, but still didn’t want to be a teacher.So she went on to other jobs for a few years, only to discover that she might enjoy teaching most of all.But the education industry is very competitive, especially for girls, and liberal arts really don’t have an advantage.Plus, she had no educational experience, so she kept hitting the wall.She ended up at a company that specialized in teacher training, the kind that tells people how to test teacher preparation.She stayed there for several years and successfully helped some students get into the system.Later, she made it to shore herself.# Skills workplace content motivation #