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The Spring Festival, the first hundred sections;New Year flavor, the Chinese people sent.From south to north, on the horizontal axis of geography, some people compare the Spring Festival travel rush to the largest and periodic human migration in human history.Thousands of miles on the road, all because of the guidance of the taste of the New Year.Along the vertical axis of time, the Flavor of New Year has left different stories in different eras. The flavor and emotion of New Year have become indelible memories of the Spring Festival for several generations.As the End of the New Year approaches, East Asia Business News has launched a new media work for the Spring Festival — “Looking for the Flavor of The New Year in Your Memory”, successfully awakening several generations of people’s memories of the flavor of the New Year. Several excellent works with warm memories of the Flavor of the New Year have made readers find similarities in their laughter and tears in their empathy.60s and 70s: Red lanterns, Mom’s new clothes What was the 60s and 70s like?Don’t say now after 90, 00 can’t imagine, is already into the middle of the 80, the same can’t say.There were no televisions, watches or alarm clocks.The first thing that comes to mind for a netizen named “Lao Zhang” is the red lantern in his yard.How many meters is that lantern pole?”Lao Zhang” often recall, but always do not understand.I knew that it was not easy to get dark that day, and I looked forward to the moment when grandma said she could light the lamp.He ran out with his brother and brother, stumbling and dragging his younger sister behind him.Sorghum poles were made into bones, pasted with a layer of red paper, and the two thin poles at the bottom crossed each other, with a candle sitting in the middle. Several children watched the rope go up and up, and the lantern became higher and higher until it rose to the top, and a layer of red halo circled around the lantern, hazy, very happy…In the dark, more and more lanterns, that is the neighbor in the “light”!”Lao Zhang” knows, nian, finally come!Pork and sauerkraut dumplings, scrambled eggs, fried bean sprouts…All the year round difficult to eat delicious, with the arrival of the year, put on the kang table……If the red lantern is the most authentic Chinese New Year flavor in Lao Zhang’s heart, for the eleven sisters who are netizens “Harmony wind and Rain”, their Chinese New Year flavor is full of mother’s flavor, engraved into their bones, and will never forget!My mother’s dumplings, baozi, sticky bean buns, my mother’s braised crucian fish in sauce, subjects’ pig hands…There are new clothes made by my mother (velvet jackets, khaki pants), cotton shoes with a thousand layers of bottom;Mother will not step sewing machine, in order to sisters can wear new clothes during the Spring Festival, mother busy from spring to winter!…In the 1960s and 1970s, people were lacking in materials, but they were simple and natural emotionally.Mother’s taste, imprinted in the “gentle wind and rain” in the track of life, experience long and fresh.There are mother’s taste in the New Year, but also bitter memories.What she doesn’t want to remember about the festival is setting off firecrackers!Every Spring Festival, this important task is completed by the only man in the family – father.Later, one day, dad left everyone, left the home, from then on the Spring Festival, the task of setting off firecrackers fell to the “wind and rain” shoulder.Every tearful lit firecrackers, looking at flying high into the sky to explode ertijiao, her heart will flash a trace of pain, that is missing for dad!…For sixties and seventies, lack of materials while those years, but the spirit is pure, the festival atmosphere is a rare delicacy, the troubled dumplings, golden stupid egg, is a small firecrackers, flower clothes, is frozen in ice grilles, have a family reunion is busy, even have reach, the dream of the Spring Festival is still a little boy!80s and 90s: Who hasn’t heard “Unforgettable Tonight” in their ears?”Not to forget tonight, not to forget tonight.Regardless of the ends of the earth and the ends of the earth, China with the arms, wish the motherland good, good motherland…”Are there any online friends from the 80s and 90s?Please raise your hand!Netizen “Nuo” wrote in the submission: “Every time I talk about the Spring Festival when I was a child, I always hear a song, ‘Unforgettable Tonight’!”Chinese New Year evening, when Li Guyi’s “Unforgettable Tonight” singing, time has passed 24 hours.In 1983, CCTV held its first Spring Festival Gala.”Nuo” is only two years old, his parents are young, one works in a factory, the other in an office, they saved more than a year’s salary, asked a colleague from Shanghai to carry back a black and white TV.Every night after dark, the “Nuo” family and the neighbors around the noisy in front of the TV, everyone talking and laughing, every day like the Spring Festival.”After a few years, my neighbors gradually bought TV sets, too.Later, my home for color TV, TV and lively.After a period of time, color TV also began to be popular, my TV finally quiet down…”Netizen xiao Liu Nian was born in the 1990s.In his recollection, his father loved stand-up comedy, especially Ma Ji’s “Universe Brand Cigarette,” and would always share a few segments with neighbors.The comedy hit in 1984 and later appeared frequently on TV.He prefers “spicy chicken silk” “palace jade liquor, 180 cups” and other Spring Festival Gala burst programs, “especially Zhao Lirong teacher and Gong Hanlin, two people from the image is very contrast, their sketches are very interesting.”Later, in everyone’s New Year’s taste memory, little not zhao Benshan, Song Dandan’s performance, as if thirty night guarding in front of the TV, is to wait for Zhao Benshan to come to power….Do not know when to start, the ears of the 80’s and 90’s people no longer sounded “Unforgettable Tonight”.The New Year’s Eve dinner is more and more rich, the Content of the Spring Festival party is more and more diversified, but the family reunion, warm dinner and drink to watch the Spring Festival gala habit has been retained, as the “smile fleeting” said, this is a part of the taste of the New Year, essential!As we enter the new century, we have entered an era of great material abundance.Buy Spring Festival couplets, the thriving pair can shop the whole hall of the mall, colorful fonts pick people dazzling, different materials see people do not know which to choose;Buy Spring Festival goods, preserved pork from Sichuan, milk tea from Inner Mongolia, sticky bean buns from Heilongjiang, Chongming cakes from Shanghai…All over the New Year’s goods gathered together, as you choose!The rise of online retail channels makes it more convenient to buy Spring Festival goods, including online shopping and overseas shopping. There is nothing you can’t think of and nothing you can’t buy.Watch the Spring Festival Gala, do not keep in front of the TV.More and more digital products enter people’s homes, giving people a unique sense of the New Year ceremony.Children’s New Year’s gifts are no longer flowers, small firecrackers, but computers, mobile phones, smart watches…Some people are beginning to “copy” the way they used to celebrate the Spring Festival when they were younger. A message in the family wechat group “Tranquility As before” reads: “We are going to kill pigs for the New Year, and they are going to come back for a reunion at the weekend.””Quiet as ever” said, about kill pig, eat kill pig vegetables memory, still stay in childhood, grow up to leave home rarely can eat authentic kill pig vegetables, but, that familiar taste has never dispersed.With memories, “Peace as usual” immediately set out.On this day, the brothers got up early and went to the slaughterhouse to pull back ready-made pork. They set up several large POTS in the yard, and the wood fire was prosperous. The POTS were filled with water and the whole meat was put into the POTS, and the other POTS were prepared to stew pickled cabbage, boil pig water and blood sausage.In the house, the relatives chat, while their busy: the pickled cabbage aunt, the blood sausage dad, the garlic paste uncle, and the side of the side of the side of the sister-in-law cut cold vegetables……It’s like being a kid again.Pork, blood sausage, sauerkraut…This reunion, wonderful!A pig dish, in the eyes of “quiet as before” has a special sense of ceremony, it is full of endless taste, representing the reunion with the family, is also raising children, serving the elderly young generation, missing the local conditions and customs of hometown.What is the flavor of New Year?The same Spring Festival, not the same flavor.There are people who travel by plane, train, bus…Just for my mother to do a cake;Some people spend the Spring Festival on the spot, searching the video of their hometown in the mobile phone, just for a wisp of homesickness…Some people say that the taste of The New Year has become weak, while others say that the taste of the New Year is just right now.Whether you reminisce about the flavor of the past or like the atmosphere of the present, the flavor of the New Year is the indispensable “dish” of the Spring Festival. It is the ultimate pursuit of family and reunion in the bones of The Chinese people, and it is the same for the whole life!New Year, people reunion.Only wish to see this article you and ME, can be happy, taste in the eyes, happiness in the heart!Quick response, timely update to get the information around you D source | East Asia Economic and Trade news reporter Lili Zhang editor | Luna Review | Li Zhuang jiang Shuai