Here comes the program for Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala

2022-06-11 0 By

Tonight, the 2022 Beijing Broadcasting and Television Spring Festival Gala will meet with the audience.Veteran head, rookie stage, full of passionate song and dance performances, humorous crosstalk sketches, walk the heart of the topic program…Each excelsior, full of ingenuity of the works gathered together, will present a family reunion for the audience, the old and young entertainment feast.A large number of young performers have emerged in the 2022 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala, presenting a young and confident mentality and positive image of Chinese youth with youthful and energetic performances.In terms of language programs, the 2022 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala gathers the “strongest lineup” in the comedy field, closely focusing on the hot issues of people’s livelihood and getting close to people’s lives. Through artistic processing of materials in real life, it creates a comedy feast with dense packs, golden sentences and hot phrases.The 2022 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast simultaneously on Beijing SATELLITE TV and BRTV at 19:30 tonight.The most funniest variety show of 2021 will END at the END of the year. Why it?Why would Cowboy Dick from DisS want to sing a New Year’s Eve party?Speaking of the first place in the drama, Legend of Zhen Huan is no match for it. She counterattacks and changes her life, and the second generation of star, who is 180 jin, can still live as a goddess. Honestly speaking, this is ma Li’s best performance since she started acting