Dongfeng Honda or GaC Honda, which is more popular, 2021 sales tell you the answer

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As we all know, among the Japanese “Honda”, there are two joint ventures in China, one is the cooperation with Dongfeng “Dongfeng Honda”, referred to as “East”, and the other is the cooperation with GaC “Guangqi Honda”, referred to as “Guangqi”.Although they are both Hondas, one of them has the word “east” and the other has the word “wide”. So, we wonder, which Honda is more popular?To answer that question, obviously, you have to let the numbers do the talking, so let’s take a look at the combined sales of The Two models in 2021.First of all, we should thank all of you for your hard work, because if we want to answer this question, we will have to turn to the statistics published by our enthusiastic netizens.From the statistics, dongfeng Honda models, a total of 9, Guangqi Honda models, a total of 11.Let’s take a look at their respective sales figures.First look at Dongfeng Honda.In 2021, the cumulative sales of nine Dongfeng Honda models are as follows: CR-V: 20,502 XR-V: 187,776 Civic: 159,026 INSPIRE: 56353 Alfocus: 48270 Enjoy: 35155 UR-V: 30,563 CR-V New Energy:Through calculation, we can know that in 2021, the cumulative sales volume of 9 models of Dongfeng Honda is 736,325.Then, we look at GaC Honda, gaC Honda’s 11 models, its statistics are as follows: Accord: 201329 Binzhi: 173899 Hao Ying: 164447 Hao Ying new energy: 1837 Fit: 96326 Ling PI: 44216 Odyssey: 43384 Guan Way: 40066 Model grid:4103 Jiilue: 2513 concept VE-1:25 13 so, Guangqi Honda’s total sales, is how much?According to the calculation, the cumulative sales volume of gaC Honda’s 11 models in 2021 is 774,633 units.Therefore, we can draw such a conclusion that in the same period of time, that is, in 2021, dongfeng Honda’s cumulative total sales volume is 736,325, and GaC Honda’s cumulative total sales volume is 774,633.Compared with the two, although similar, but Guangqi Honda sales, but a bit better.Of course, the Japanese Honda can’t compete with the German Volkswagen in terms of sales, but that’s pretty good.Put aside the complex of boycotting Japanese goods, in fact, the whole vehicle quality of Japanese cars, or quite ok, so, for those who buy Japanese cars, we do not have to find fault, but we are more willing to those who resolutely do not buy Japanese cars, but willing to choose domestic cars friends, praise!Welcome to pay attention to kan enter, focus on car knowledge sharing!