Do 4mm ground glass nodules definitely not need surgery?Close compaction and traction pleura, surgery without hesitation

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Today the sister edge save life jian, in the past year met the life of the most bumpy section of the road, loved one died, two old people in the home experience serious disease and surgery;Life did not give sister a break, first pregnant setbacks, and then found pulmonary nodules, heel to all kinds of suffering will almost sister defeated.After reading her post for help, I decided to do everything in my power to keep her safe.At the end of 2020, the girl went to the doctor because of chest tightness, and a 4mm pulmonary nodule was found.The doctor at the time said the pulmonary nodules were too small to be cared for, and she was ignored.Until the end of 2021, when I was planning to get pregnant, I suddenly remembered this nodule and went to the hospital for a check-up.Re-examination revealed no change in nodule size, but pleural traction and small vessel passage.The diagnosis that the hospital gives is: “nodule is small, continue to review can”.Because this nodule is a high-risk factor of pleural traction, the girl did not follow the doctor’s advice for follow-up, but sought a reliable diagnosis and appropriate treatment.That day in the clinic, after receiving her high-resolution film, I was surprised that this nodule was likely to be micro-infiltrating adenocarcinoma. Benign nodules could not be completely ruled out and had developed to solid nodules. Therefore, surgery could not be hesitated.Especially this nodule below, although not quite good judgment, but it has pulled the pleura, can not gamble again lucky, must operate.I immediately arranged for her to contact her family, and then she was hospitalized and underwent surgery. I also told her to pay attention to medication. After all, she was still preparing for pregnancy, so we should think about her future.A week later, the girl had recovered and left the hospital.Fortunately, it is still slightly infiltrated lung adenocarcinoma, which is cured by surgery. In the days to come, we will “ride the wind and waves sometimes, and sail the sea”.The following is from patient consultation: 2021-12-19 1 year ago and 1 year later. 1 year ago was a thick slice CT and reported a 4mm nodule.Thin-layer CT was taken in West China Hospital this year, 5mm lung nodules, the doctor said pleural traction suggested surgery, if necessary, I only trust Director Dai, please take time out of your busy schedule to see, thank you very much.My reply: do a high resolution CT first and ask for my assistant plus number this afternoon.The following is from the patient’s message:December 26th, I rushed to Chongqing last night. I was too anxious and afraid to sleep all night. In the morning, I asked the doctor to prescribe high resolution CT and made an appointment for examination tomorrow morning.More than 20 days of anxiety can not eat or sleep.July for pregnant for five years, very not easy pregnant, unexpectedly lost in September, December doctor told they could prepare pregnant again, but because the nodules disrupted my whole life, even work all can’t, peacefully with micro cure doctor registered every day, but still didn’t get the, a year had a loved one’s departure, pregnancy, abortion, old man paralyzed, another major operation,Now their own lung nodules, feel life is too difficult.Fortunately, when I had no way out, the director gave me a plus chance, which made me see hope. I never expected that such a senior doctor as the director would reply to me personally and give me a plus chance. I was deeply moved beyond words.2022-01-10 Discharge message: January 10, 2022, today is the sixth day after surgery, lying in the hotel bed a little sad.Twenty to twenty-one was the darkest year in my life. The successive blows made me despair, and the departure of my relatives made me fall into the darkness of despair, feeling that no one could save me. I could only fall asleep by taking sleeping pills every day.Decadent for half a year, began to slowly return to work, life began to slowly into the right track.In December, 20, when I was in the saddest stage, I suddenly felt chest tightness in the emergency department. The report found a small pulmonary nodule, but the doctor said that it was too small to be concerned, which was of little significance. The report did not even write the size and shape of the nodule, so I did not worry about it and did not have a review.It was not until December 2021 that I suddenly remembered the matter and decided to have a review.The results showed that the nodules had no change compared with last year, and there was pleural traction at 4MM. I had a bad feeling when I saw pleural traction, so I immediately showed it to the doctor, who still said that the nodules were too small to be reviewed every year.Went home to check baidu and began to worry about the state, just at home relatives in Chengdu recommended to go to West China to see, West China report suggests inflammatory nodules, suggest three months to review.I have a very strong premonition that I must go to Chongqing to find Director Dai. My husband said that I should go to West China first to see what to say. The big professor in West China opened a review list of 3d reconstruction after three months and handed in the money.Is a kind of who I do not believe must go to Chongqing to find Director Dai’s strong premonition.After paying the money, I said to my husband that I must go to Chongqing to find Director Dai, the husband said that if you decide that we will try to register.Then the next week is every day squat good doctor, micro doctor, xinqiao hospital official website, idle down a variety of Baidu headlines, anxiety to eat and sleep every day, collapse to the extreme, follow the lead to find the post, at this time each platform still did not grab the number.Desperate to say to try to find the director in the post bar, perhaps it is really with the director of fate, the director replied to find his assistant plus, at that time could not believe their eyes, incredible leng along while, such a big doctor took the initiative to give me plus, all kinds of excitement all kinds of fear of the unknown.Early on Sunday to go to the hospital to took a high resolution computed tomography (CT), etc. See you Monday, director of less than eight o ‘clock on Monday to go to the hospital to take special report heart fear, see the report does not exclude the new creature, the sky were to fall in that instant auditorium was obsessively shivering, cry to collapse, next to several sister always comfort me say it’s okay, your small nodules will be fine,I couldn’t help crying until the appointment.The director said: This nodule is not typical and not easy to judge, but it has a large probability of micro-infiltrating adenocarcinoma, 20% benign possibility. The operation did not hesitate to explain the need for pregnancy preparation to the doctor, the director issued a priority admission order, completed the pre-hospital examination in two days and was admitted successfully.I came out of the operating room and lay in a daze in the icu for a whole night. After the operation, my husband received a message from the director himself, saying that the operation was very smooth and micro infiltration was cured by the operation.Husband said how can there be such a good doctor in the world, such a big doctor after the operation to wait for anxious family members to report safety, I’m afraid the same level of big doctor director is the first.The second day woke up to find I have no drainage tube, thought it was out hurriedly ask a doctor my drainage tube, just full of yuan doctor came to see me, say I am small drainage tube so no trauma, director of minimally invasive technology is too surprising, turn to ordinary ward accomplishment on the third day, the fourth day hospital discharge, discharge the day know, director of the coming operation, think a lot of questions to ask.But the moment I saw the director, I was so excited that I forgot. I felt like a kid feeling safe when he met his parents after being wronged.Because it is the decision of the other place to rest in the surrounding hotel for a few days and then go home, in addition to chest tightness wound recovery quite good.These days, I often reflect on the experience of this operation may be to remind myself how hard-won life is, what happened in the past should be put down and let go, should not live up to their parents to give life, should cherish.Here to thank the director of noble medical ethics Dai, is you give me hope, but also you let me once again into despair when I pulled me out of the abyss, thank xinqiao hospital thoracic surgery man Yuan doctor and nurses little sister, thank you in my fear of crying comfort several patients sister, wish you everything, good health.