1 floor owner does not hand in “electricity ladder fee” ok?The property agent spoke his mind

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With the development of economy and the continuous improvement of construction industry technology, now the new housing is basically the elevator room.In this way, more owners can live in each building and developers can get higher returns.But the people who live in the elevator room may know that, with the higher the floor of the house, everyone’s demand for the elevator is also more and more big, in contrast, the bottom 1 floor residents, it seems that basic do not need the elevator.But for the elevator room residents, it seems that everyone is to pay a fee called “elevator fee”, used to maintain the normal use of the elevator.Most communities are everyone equally, the first floor users still have to pay.But to the owner of 1 floor that does not take an elevator, pay this charge is really chicken rib, it seems to be serving for upstairs neighbors.So 1 floor owner does not pay “elevator fee” ok?Property finally say to be fair, the original is so.In fact, there are really many places where owners refuse to pay the “elevator fee” phenomenon.This fee is usually charged by the property, but failure to collect it multiple times will usually result in the first floor resident being sued.And the final legal judgment property win the majority, this is why?Actually property also has a word to say, above all “electricity ladder fee” pay still mentions somewhat really in the law.According to the property law of our country, the public part of residential buildings is the common part, and all the public facilities enjoy the same rights by all owners, but also to fulfill the same obligations.That is to say, you are about to make clear when buying a house, the right you enjoy to the elevator and other owners are the same, as for the choice to use the elevator frequent high-rise or not how to use the 1 floor of the elevator, see yourself.There are decoration problems can contact designer QijiAGC and buy a house on the floor of the house itself is relatively low price, in addition to the living factors such as lighting and ventilation, elevator problems will also be considered in the pricing.So this is not unreasonable property charges, but before buying a house has been a clear problem.So if you live on the first floor, you also use the elevator, and it’s up to you if you feel at a disadvantage and stay in it all day.But the property staff said there was still one case.Some old buildings are elevator rooms, but after moving in because the high-rise residents feel inconvenient to ask for your opinion when installing the elevator, usually from a user’s resistance is the biggest.After all, the lower the floor, the less the demand for elevators, and the installation of elevators will also cause huge noise, dust and other impacts on the lives of residents on the first floor.So the property is generally recommended to raise funds according to the difference between floors to install elevator costs.Sometimes the owners of the first floor not only do not have to pay, but also get some compensation.Fair enough.All in all, the elevator is for the convenience of each owner and set, each layer of residents themselves enjoy the same right to use it, natural maintenance is also to rely on everyone.After all, when buying a house, no matter which floor you buy, you buy it in the name of “elevator room”.