Yuntian semiconductor seize the time to rush the construction of the plant in April delivery

2022-06-10 0 By

In the workshop of yantian Semiconductor’s first phase construction project of wafer level advanced packaging and passive device production, worker Lao Song is busy in and out of work, as usual, not affected by the Spring Festival.Old Song home in Shanxi Linfen, there is a daughter, “every day video, now communication is particularly developed, I promised the child after the year will go home.Now the project is in a rush, we should not delay the critical moment.”Yuntian semiconductor on duty factory Wu Xingmao told Haicangjun, there are nearly 60 people stick to the yuntian construction post during the Spring Festival, the plant will be delivered in April, followed by the installation of equipment, we are riveting enough strength did not dare to delay!(Source: Haicang Today)