Tomorrow will be better!Official: Wuhan team and players tomorrow to complete the contract extension

2022-06-10 0 By

Live broadcast it February 3 – today, Wuhan team officially announced and players tomorrow to complete the contract.Born in April 1995, tomorrow entered the first team of Wuhan Zall in the 2015 season and cut a figure in the Chinese League.2016 season, tomorrow will be the best rookie of China league.In the 2019 season, he reached the milestone of 100 games in wuhan Zall’s career.In the seventh round of the Asian Top 40 of the World Preliminary round in June 2021, Tomorrow, who was playing for the National team, was injured in a fierce fight and missed all matches last season.The club provides maximum support for the follow-up treatment of tomorrow, after a positive recovery, tomorrow will be full in the New Year.For the renewal of the contract with tomorrow, Wuhan team official bo said: as the child of Wuhan, zhuoer youth training pride, tomorrow for Wuhan team to pay all the youth, will continue to contribute to the team more hot strength.It is because of an indomitable momentum, tomorrow in the past journey experienced arm fracture and size of scars, but this kind of energy also inspired their recovery from injuries, continue to bravely break through obstacles, and gradually become the hearts of jiangcheng fans “beloved”.Now, let us say aloud that will not be absent – “tomorrow will be better!”(Nanling Crying)