Shanghai Beiling: it plans to acquire the equity of Sitar Technology for 360 million yuan, with a premium rate of 1241.89%

2022-06-10 0 By

Every AI express, on March 28, Shanghai Beiling announced that it intends to acquire the shares of Silicon Tower Technology with its own funds, with a total transaction price of 360 million yuan.The valuation of this transaction is based on the high premium rate of 1241.89% over its net book assets of 26.8891 million yuan on September 30, 2021.On the same day announced the 2021 annual report, 2021 mother net profit of 729 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 38.12%;Basic earnings per share 1.04 yuan;A cash dividend of $2.00 (tax included) is to be paid to all shareholders for every 10 shares.Daily Business News