Proposed investment of 1.6 billion!Zhuhai first

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Closely follow the “industry first”, focus on the chain of chain repair, strong chain, chain expansion, Zhuhai High-tech Zone targeted investment again!On April 7th, zhuhai high-tech zone administrative committee and China CLP international information service co., LTD. Signed a framework cooperation agreement, the parties shall cooperate and jointly set up a industry fund, project introduction cultivation net letter industry, promoting the electronic components and integrated circuit function module, landing in zhuhai and large bay area net letter industry, digital new engine of economic development.At the same time, CLP information plans to invest about 1.6 billion yuan to build the first “China Telecom Innovation Valley” in Zhuhai.CLP information is the world’s top 500 large state China electronic core backbone enterprises, information service sector leading enterprises, focusing on the main responsibility for the main digital services, strive to build digital services core ability, strive to become the industry leader in digital service innovation development, its southern software park is a national software industry base, national science and technology business incubator,Located at the core of zhuhai High-tech Zone, it is committed to building the most influential Internet information industry cluster service provider in The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.Zhuhai High-tech Zone has always taken innovation-driven development as the leading strategy of urban development. By attracting investment precisely, aiming at the forefront of science and technology industry and strategic emerging industries, zhuhai High-tech Zone has improved and strengthened the “3+3+1” industrial system and the three leading industrial chains of semiconductors and integrated circuits, information and innovation industry, artificial intelligence and robotics.Strengthen biological medicine and medical equipment, new energy and smart grid, digital economy three major characteristics of industrial cluster, the implementation of artificial intelligence, chain blocks, 6 g, quantum technology incubation and accelerating the future industry, such as plan, to promote a strong group of extending chain, chain, chain key industry project, to speed up to form a new economic growth point, science and technology city to provide strong support for the construction of future.The signing of the framework agreement will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of CLP information in the field of digital economy and network information, and further promote the agglomeration and development of digital economy and network information industry in Zhuhai High-tech Zone.It is also conducive to attracting and gathering more innovative resources to participate in the ecological construction of China’s electronic Internet and information industry, striving to build a professional demonstration area of PKS system and an Internet and information industry development cluster area of Zhuhai High-tech Zone, and building a new engine for the development of Internet and information industry and digital economy in Zhuhai and even the Greater Bay Area.Song Xuemei of Zhuhai Media Group/article wu Changfu/Cover photo Source of Zhuhai High-tech Zone, official website of CLP Information Hu Jieting/responsible editor Yang Ziwei/editor