Police and firefighters rescued a woman who jumped into the sea on the east side of Qingdao trestle bridge

2022-06-10 0 By

At 8 PM on March 21, the Guanhai Road police station of The South Public Security Sub-bureau received an alarm that someone jumped into the sea on the east side of Qingdao Trestle Scenic spot.After receiving the alarm, guan Hai road police station, auxiliary police quickly drove to the scene.Approaching the scene, the police saw a woman already in the sea far from the shore outside the reef.At that time was in the high tide, the sea waves, police immediately launched rescue work.The woman was so excited that she did not allow the police to approach.Police troops are divided into two ways, all the way to the woman to persuade, distract their attention, the other way is quietly close to the woman for rescue.Guan Hai Road police station auxiliary officer Han Xuezhi saw the right moment, jumped into the cold water, speed up to swim to the woman.While the woman unprepared a grabbed her arm, and in the police Liu Xinting, auxiliary police Zhang Shenghui assistance, will rescue the woman ashore.Through understanding, the woman because of conflict with the family, which produced the idea of suicide.In the police’s patient guidance, the woman gave up the idea of suicide, and feel very sorry for their behavior.Subsequently, view sea road police station police contact with the woman’s family.The woman’s family received a call from the police quickly arrived, saw the woman safe and sound, the family continued to the police and auxiliary police assistance to express gratitude.(Sea news/Qingdao Evening News reporter Liu Zhuoyi Correspondent Wei Jia)