Naturalized players photo, overnight in the airport lobby, Luo Guofu said not respected!

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Naturalized players photo, overnight in the airport lobby, Luo Guofu said not respected!Recently, the naturalized players to Japan released a dynamic, if according to the normal plan, all the way will be very smooth.But because of the sudden cancellation of the flight, the players had to wait in the airport lobby.Luo Guofu is posted a photo of the three people, said he was not respected, the FOOTBALL Association’s schedule has a big problem, so that the current situation of the three people even need to spend the night at the airport, this dynamic has become the focus of the topic of fans.Luo Guofu posted a photo with Alan and Fernando through social accounts, and through the photos can be seen that luo Guofu has changed a lot compared to before, dyed a head of silver hair, image and before also more handsome.It seems that the naturalized players have done what they said before leaving China, and this trip to Japan also makes fans very happy.But los national wealth also hair long complained about the whole thing, and say to you, let’s fly to Amsterdam, finally cancelled our ticket again, suddenly changed our flight to Japan tomorrow, that means we will have 14 hours to wait, even without any hotel and rest it wasn’t in a few places and the like.Many fans feel that the organization ability of the football association is too poor. As naturalized players, they have worked so hard to go to Japan to play for the National team without even arranging the least rest.There are also some fans who think naturalized players really dare to say anything and have no scruples.But exactly why naturalized players don’t stay in hotels is unknown.However, I understand that resting on the bench will definitely have a great impact on the preparation for the next day.More can see through the photos of a few people’s sloppy, presumably the Football Association also have difficulties, otherwise it will not treat naturalized players, after all, naturalized players for the National football team, no matter who do not want such things to happen.At this time, it is necessary for both sides to understand each other, and the FOOTBALL Association or the management of the National football Team also need to mediate and communicate with the local authorities to find accommodation for the naturalized players.After all, what needs to be done now is for the players to have a good rest and avoid internal conflicts. After all, unity is also very important, and the strength of The National football team will be improved due to the joining of naturalized players.Although this matter in the naturalized players point of view, is extremely angry, but we do not know the football Association this aspect of the difficulties, can not specifically judge who is right and who is wrong.Presumably, as naturalized players, this will also affect the mood of the competition, and I hope the players can adjust as soon as possible, so as not to affect the performance of the match.