Korean girl to massage shop massage, massage shop master with a machine, is fascia gun

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Yafin, a 24-year-old supermarket sales manager, is single. She likes to go shopping and sometimes runs in a nearby park.Yafen listen to a friend said, recently opened a massage shop, where the service is still good, especially also used fascia gun massage, not just hand massage.Yafin just wanted to get a massage, to see what it’s like to have a fascia gun massage, and I’ve seen it on TV, and it’s like a toy massage machine.The master of the massage shop is a young man, the other side said that the fascia gun massage is very good, not only can be effectively massage, but also has a unique effect on the acupoints of human massage.Yafin listened to a lot of talk about fascia guns from the masseuse, and she got sleepy and almost fell asleep.However, the masseur’s massage soon woke up Yafin, because the fascia gun massage is a bit different from the hand massage, and the effect is quite unique.Yafin massage said the effect is good.