Hna debt repayment significant progress!Is the stock that takes hit fracture cast or stay?

2022-06-10 0 By

Yesterday afternoon, HNA Group individual investor service platform issued a notice, starting from January 26 (yesterday) stock liquidation work.Hna Group individual investor service platform announcement: this part of the stock liquidation object, mainly is the internal and external creditors who bought HNA P2P personal financial products.Among the 1.1 trillion debt confirmed by 321 merged and restructured enterprises of hna Group, more than 50,000 people have purchased HNA financial products, and the declared debt scale is nearly 30 billion yuan.Many of the above-mentioned financial creditors have obtained the liquidation plan of cash + stock + trust, but the liquidation details of different creditors are not the same.Prior to this, HNA Group has started the cash liquidation for individual investors in wealth management products from December 10.A number of individual investors who received liquidation cash said that they received two amounts of liquidation cash and bailout cash, among which, the liquidation cash was paid by HNA Group and the other bailout cash was paid by HNA Commercial Service Company.During this period, creditors of three listed companies, including *ST HNA/Basic/Daji, received cash and stock liquidation, and the liquidation of personal finance creditors launched yesterday means that more people will receive stock debt of *ST HNA/Basic/Daji.However, based on the current stock price and the debt-repayment price in the restructuring plan, the creditors will receive shares equivalent to a discount of only 20 to 60 percent of the confirmed debt.At the same time, HNA Group administrators yesterday also issued a “recruitment notice for trustees of the trust plan”, who will be responsible for completing the establishment of the trust plan, assisting in the transfer of trust shares and attracting trust assets.The specific recruitment conditions are shown in the figure below: This also means that trust plan, as an important carrier of future debt repayment, is also being set up at an accelerated pace.The day before, aviation travel circle also reported that the trust plan has been completed to HNA Aviation and airport related assets.So should creditors keep or sell their shares when they get them?Why did share prices fall after restructuring?When does the trust plan start paying off, how much can it pay off, and how does it work?Air Travel circle plans to hold a new online salon at 19.30pm on February 6, 2022 (the sixth day of the year), focusing on the relevant topics of hna restructuring that are of interest to investors/creditors/employees/industry, including but not limited to: If you are interested in the salon or have any views on the above topics, please leave a message or private letter at the end of this article.Share your opinion and be invited to this online salon for free