China is set to overtake the US in 5 scientific fields, according to Harvard University. What do you think?

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On February 27, a “scientific research report” from Harvard University in the United States has caused quite a stir in the Chinese and American scientific communities.In the survey, Harvard University listed five scientific fields in which China will surpass the United States.The survey was intended to alert the American scientific community to the need for more investment and research in these areas, but it accidentally surprised the Chinese scientific community and made us realize how much progress China’s scientific strength had made before we knew it.First let’s take a look at what fields Harvard is talking about!First let’s take a look at what fields Harvard is talking about!The application of quantum mechanics has always been a key project invested by China, so it is not surprising that the field of “quantum mechanics” was selected first.China’s “Jiuzhang” and “Zu Chongzhi” series of quantum supercomputers achieved “superiority” last year.It is possible to overtake the United States in the near future.In particular, pan jianwei’s team is developing the “Jiuzhang 3” quantum supercomputer, which is predicted by the scientific community to make the “quantum supercomputer race” between China and the United States a decisive one.Biological Science Biological science is not strictly our strong program.However, due to the recent impact of the epidemic this year, the world has recognized the importance of this subject, and China has invested a lot of resources in RESEARCH and development.”The CURRENT leader in biological science is still the United States, but it will be overtaken in the near future as more and more Chinese researchers invest in research and development,” Harvard concluded.New Energy The development and utilization of new energy has always been our strength.Apart from the fact that the upper class has been emphasizing “low-carbon emission reduction” in recent years, even the private sector has begun to have more aspirations for new energy.If new and cheap energy can be found to replace the traditional “oil and gas”, a vast new market will be opened up. For such a populous country as China, sustainable development is a key scientific research project.China’s “artificial sun” is the highest scientific achievement to achieve this plan.This is a very surprising answer for the Chinese scientific community.Because for a long time, the research in the field of mathematics is the European and American countries “sing home”.However, if you think carefully, China has long attached great importance to basic education, and Chinese children have mastered the “mathematical theorems” only learned in foreign universities when they are in high school or even junior high school.In addition, many large domestic companies are recruiting “math talent”, and even hire university professors as the head of the “RESEARCH and development team”, so it is “obvious” that China will have a greater breakthrough in the field of mathematics in the future.Harvard University has included China’s space science in its list of scientific research “surpassing that of the United States”.Although China has built a space station by “one country”, we still have a long way to go compared with the achievements of the United States in space research.Even members of China’s scientific community disagreed with the findings.Although Harvard University “politely” said that it would take about ten years, but adhering to the scientific research attitude of “modesty leads to progress”, we should not fight for the first place.Harvard’s findings although interesting, but you still look good, scientific development never happen overnight, in science to climb high mountains, if not one step a footprint, steadfast walk yourself’s road, so it is easy to “empty” fell into the abyss of “myth”, such examples in the history of science are numerous,So the Chinese scientific community has a sober and clear answer to this report: China’s science has made great achievements in recent years, but it still has a long way to go to be no. 1.