Can I take my social security card and admission ticket to the test

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First-level construction engineer examination can bring social security card and admission ticket into the examination room, but in some areas, candidates must provide valid identification, social security card is not allowed to provide, the specific certificate, need to be based on the local examination regulations, it is recommended that candidates prepare for the certificate in advance.Candidates must bring valid identification and admission ticket to enter the examination room to take the test. One of the two certificates cannot be missing.Valid ID: You are required to carry your ID card. If your ID card expires, you can provide a temporary ID card, police officer’s card or military officer’s card. In some areas, you can also use your social security card instead.Click the small program button to download free test materials and highlights of the first class construction engineer
Admission ticket: The admission ticket is very important to enter the examination room. It will show the specific location of the examination room, seat number and admission ticket number, etc.This is also very important information during the examination process. If the admission ticket cannot be provided, the examinee cannot enter the examination room, which will affect the normal examination process.Other documents: In addition to the above two kinds of documents, some areas may also require candidates to bring other documents, such as education certificate, household registration certificate and so on.For specific exam requirements, you are advised to use the local exam announcement.The above is the solution to the problem of grade ONE construction engineer examination certificate carrying. In order to avoid the loss of the admission ticket, it is suggested that candidates must print several copies of the admission ticket, as a backup, to avoid affecting the normal examination process.2022 class A construction division preparation training camp global network school a construction guide 9 yuan to buy a column