2021 Shanxi University Japanese Interpretation postgraduate entrance examination experience dry product

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01 personal situation basic situation: a brain stupid, like a daze, but do not give up the small snail.Patients with severe black eye circles + hair loss.Japanese major former students, once prepared for the entrance examination of trade university, but failed the second exam, finally recognize themselves, continue to struggle.Preliminary test scores: Politics: 68 points 213 Master of Translation Japanese: 78 points 359 Master of Translation Japanese: 113 points 448 Chinese writing and encyclopaedia knowledge: 113 points total 372 points 02 Shanxi University Previous admission conditions 2021: a total of 14 students will be admitted.Japanese translation: 1 person, 360 points, 6 people, 394 points, 385 points, 372 points, 355 points, 5 people, 382 points, 379 pointsA total of 17 students were recruited, 14 of whom were accepted by other schools.There are seven translators and seven interpreters.In 2019, 18 people will be admitted and 16 will be admitted. In 2019, 18 people will be admitted and 16 people will be admitted.There are 9 translators and 7 interpreters.9 applicants, with a maximum of 409 points and a minimum of 361 points.A volunteer into the face of 5 people, the highest 412 points, the lowest 358 points transfer into the face of 4 people, the highest 413 points, the lowest 361 points Shanxi University reexamination line with the national line and priority admission of a volunteer, as long as the national line reexamination performance is good basic stability, Although Shanxi University is a double non-university, but the environment is good, the study style is positive,Shanxi University is a relatively safe choice for those who want to go to school and live near Shanxi.(now the school in the construction of “double top” stage, don’t know 120 anniversary next year, will strive for?) I am past, had wholeheartedly for trade is big, but no second-round exam, and stumbled on the way to adjust, and just want to firmly ashore, so last year hot school volunteer when have no choice,But locked close to home shanxi University, Hebei University and Inner Mongolia University, Hebei University announced the real question but is said not to give priority to admit a volunteer, Inner Mongolia University and Shanxi University do not announce the real question.At first, I wanted to apply for Inner Mongolia University in District B, which was 10 points less than the national line. However, I chose Shanxi University because I had been to Shanxi University before, and the canteen was very good to my taste. The environment was not far from downtown, and I particularly liked the design and atmosphere of shanxi University library.This year is still the online second interview, March 23 notice, 26 second interview.There were 14 Japanese interpreters in shandong University. We waited for the final interview from 2 o ‘clock until 6 o ‘clock. It was very difficult and not easy.Before the second test, you will be contacted by a teacher to add the second test group and log in to the test equipment of the system within the specified time.On the day of the second test, you need to enter the test room in advance, randomly determine the test order (as if it is based on the order of entry into the system), and then wait.参 考 答 案 : The first question is Chinese translation day, is a starry sky, energy saving and electricity saving article.About 180 words, medium difficulty.The second topic is Japanese translation, it is a chicken soup for the soul, talent, hard work and so on, I don’t remember, 180 words, a total of seven paragraphs, the teacher asked me to translate the first three paragraphs, the last few paragraphs in Japanese, it is not difficult.After the test, there is no time limit for self-introduction. After self-introduction, the teacher will ask questions according to the examinee’s situation. I was asked: 1.Where did you work after graduation?How long did you work?What are the main tasks?2. Why do you choose to continue your studies?Japanese interpretation and translation are not test listening translation, this year because of online interview, written test has been cancelled, so teachers focus on visual translation, candidates must train visual translation, oral English.I felt a little nervous, I didn’t read some words correctly, and I didn’t deal with the end of the Japanese sentence in Chinese translation. I still didn’t have enough training.About dispensing, I think I have some experience, let me tell you slowly.In December 2019, I took part in the foreign economic and trade university first, first try achievement 364, trade big second-round exam line 375, can adjust, dispensing system before the opening, I basically to recruit all Japanese called the school, finishing the school contact, made a resume and personal comprehensive ability information, the hair mail hair mail,Finally got reply, qufu normal university, the teacher said that my points can be fill in, have the opportunity to second interview (dispensing system open before contact is not particularly big school, I think use), dispensing system after opening, the first time I fill in the shanxi university and qufu normal university, Inner Mongolia university, qufu normal university, the teacher is very good, on the first day at five o ‘clock in the afternoon the rejected my application,Declined after I immediately changed his school for the hebei university, Inner Mongolia university teacher is very slow, audit for two days, I can’t wait in the jilin university of foreign studies, comparison, sadly, after I change the school at noon, made a interview in Inner Mongolia university and this is the first time I missed a second interview chance, according to my points, if not in school,Should be sure of enter second interview, also be this day, I call the teacher of shanxi university, they say second interview line 369,5 points difference I again without second interview.Two days before the transfer, I did not receive any notice of the second test from any school.Jilin Foreign Studies University also gave up because of my personal reasons.On May 25th, Guizhou University opened the dispensing system. I changed my school at the first time and applied to Guizhou University, but!The examinee of the first into your big and more than 380 points, the second-round exam line I certainly no second-round exam, after a few days later, southwest university for nationalities opened the dispensing system, the days that I put my weibo WeChat seated, news update not in time, although login dispensing system on time every day, but quirks or missed this school, according to admissions examinee scores,My points are also hopeful into the second interview, this is the second time I missed the second interview opportunity.After June began the second big swap, I signed up for your big, such as news and so on for three days, not received notice, on June 10, yunnan normal university opened the dispensing system, after I thought for sure there will be no school, made a bet, the guizhou university changed to Japanese language and literature of yunnan normal university and Japanese translation, but after I finish to yunnan normal university,Guizhou University has started the third batch of transfer, and this is the third time that I missed the opportunity of the second interview.Expect again and again disappointed, patience is spent again and again, cried again and again.Really helpless, really realized what is called powerless.The more difficult the adjustment to the later, Yunnan Normal University only recruit 2 people, I was not high competitiveness, really failed.In may and June 2020, is the most dark period of time, I don’t want to eat sleep, stay up late in the morning every day, also a thin black one circle, especially painful, in retrospect, some moved, that time is fast growing two months, I see what is best, know to act according to actual circumstances., in short, if the instructor junior unfortunately did not enter a volunteer second-round exam, senior Suggestions after comprehensive consider their own ability, first to a safe point, recruit to adjust more schools (such as the northeast 2 or double a, B zone volume is too serious, hope again careful consideration), flushing a have a chance to school, to call the admissions office to confirm before school,Do not arbitrarily change the school, set a will always adhere to the timing brush adjustment system, do not abandon yourself, add a few adjustment group, timely understand the information, to avoid missing the opportunity to retest the situation.In recent years, it is more and more difficult to adjust, we are very high, no 380 is very difficult to adjust success, so it is suggested that examinees think twice before acting, carefully choose a volunteer.Adjustment is not easy, and the line and cherish.With me, it is a metamorphosis, a journey, a solo. Without some persistence and preference, I think I would not have persisted till now.At first, I one’s deceased father grind road is not smooth, wholeheartedly for trade is big, the thick face to the elder sister’s QQ number, WeChat ID trade university, bought a lot of reference books, grammar books, back a lot of idioms, words, brush for more than three times in bo, if you want to let me write a trade big test experience, I think must be more clear than the mountain caps, but the dream like a bright star in the sky,For me, it’s so out of reach.On the day when I got my grades last year, I realized that there are people outside the world and there are people outside the world. The fate between me and TRADE University has come to an end.Last year to adjust the two months is my short life, so far the most unbearable pain, crying more than ten times, ShiBuZhiWei, awake at night, dispensing, after I went back to their hometown to adjust a month, in early August to December full-time study for at home, after get up at 7 o ‘clock every day to arrange review plan, noon break at half past eleven, 2 PM to 6 PM,From 7:30 to 11:30 in the evening, I studied. During the preparation period, I seldom went shopping and watched Taobao, and hardly contacted my friends. When I was tired of studying, I would sleep or watch videos of B Zhan Xu Tao and Leg Sister.Stick to one’s deceased father grind is my so far done the most for a long time and did not want to give up the things that I have countless times doubt their own ability, do translation is compatible or not, the love for the Japanese, oneself also have confused, disappointed, frustrated, countless self-denial and self-esteem, can’t see the head at this a long road, continue to fall to climb up.Thanks for the years of preparing for the exam, I really grew up, thanks to my family, they are my strongest backing, thanks to all the teachers, classmates, friends who helped me, you let me no longer lonely, thank you!Finally, I want to say to the younger students that the school must be cautious and cautious in the initial examination, listen to the advice of teachers and seniors, consider their own ability and then report, do not follow the trend, my experience is the best reference.Authorized by the original author in this paper, banned two setter to more pay attention to: one’s deceased father grind in Japanese major Japanese MTI | | beginner’s mind